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Flemish Translations

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Flemish Translations by Axis Translations

Axis Translations is here and available to translate anything you need from Flemish to English or in to over one of 150 other languages. You can expect high quality Flemish translations from an experienced teams of translators with specialty backgrounds from literature to law. You can get Flemish translations with Axis Translations.

It does not matter whether you need a relatively small amount of translating or if you have a large business project that needs to be translated from Flemish to another language. Axis is here to work and to translate for you the customer first and foremost.

Flemish interpreters

In addition to translation, we can also provide Flemish interpreters on location for your meeting, conference or court appointment.

Flemish transcription service

As well as translation, we also provide a Flemish transcription service to help with audio and video material.

Flemish itself as a language is a nearly identical form of Dutch which is spoken in Belgium. It is spoken by the majority of the population, at last count over 60% of Belgian citizens speak Flemish Dutch. Since the late 1930s it has been the standard language taught to children at school in Belgium as dictated by the government in Flanders.

Flemish translations will become increasingly necessary in the future as more companies choose to go international rather than just cover their home market. There will be more need for translations as the number of speakers increases rather than decreasing.

With Belgium are five primary regional dialects which originate from Flemish Dutch and they are Brabantian, Limburgish, East Flemish, Antwerpish and West Flemish. Within these five dialects, Brabantian is the most commonly spoken and therefore used in Flemish translation service and is said to have at least 3,500 common and unique words to itself.

Unknown to many is that there is also a dialect of West Flemish spoken in Eastern France. There are over 20,000 speakers of French Flemish in France and another 50,000 occasional speakers among the population. There is a movement that has been ongoing for the last thirty years or so to try and preserve the language there and so they have begun to teach French Flemish and how to translate Flemish into French in the region of Westhoek in France. It is also a prominent language in Dunkirk and the area of Calais on the northern coast.

When you need professional Flemish translations, use Axis Translations. We can accurately translate anything you need in a timely fashion. Thank you for considering Axis Translations for all your translating needs.

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