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Finnish Translation

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Finnish Translation Service

At Axis Translations, we specialize in many different languages and translation services. We are experts in all major language groups: Indo-European, Asian, Finno-Ugric, and even many rare languages. With whatever langugae you need we will present you with a accurate translation and this includes Finnish translations.

Finnish Interpreters - Finnish Transcription Service

We also offer Finnish interpreters and transcription solutions for legal, diplomatic, and other situations. Our Finnish langugae team includes translators, interpreters and transcribers that are well-versed in a wide variety of subject matters. Whether written word, live, or recorded speech we will translate for you without error. Send to us your contracts, manuals, depositions, recordings, videos, or any other media and we will take care of you. All of our Finnish interpreters are native speakers that have passed rigorous training designed to ensure complete accuracy. We handle technical and legal translations with ease, especially the incredible intracacy of Finnish translations.

Our team of Finnish linguists will sort out all the intricacies of Finnish translation. They will not only handle English-Finnish translations for you, but will effortlessly provide Finnish translation services to and from any of the other languages with which we work. Regional dialects, although sometimes obscure, present no impediment to Axis Translations. We are equally able to translate your contracts or provide a interpreter at a magistrate's court in Helsinki.

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Finnish Language Facts

  • Finnish descends from Uralic languages and is a member of the Finno-Ugric language group
  • The Finnish langugae has five million native speakers, and six million total speakers in the world
  • Finnish grammar is very complex, using fifteen cases
  • In certain Finnish case forms, the verb is modified instead of the noun.
  • Finnish has seven different types of verbs
  • Finnish has a construct called "Zero Person," where the verb form appears in the third person without a subject
  • Finnish passive voice acts a generic "fourth person," and in standard forms it is not possible to differentiate who is performing the action
  • Finnish verbs have multiple infinitives that connote differences in time, manner, or point of view
  • The Finnish langugae is an importer of words, using many from other languages. Conversely, very few words of Finnish have found their way into English or other languages
  • Because it lacks palatization, Finnish has very few diphthongs
  • Finnish uses a 29 letter Latin alphabet
  • Finnish has a comparatively short written tradition, existing only after Mikael Agricola codified written Finnish in the Sixteenth Century. Before that, Finnish only existed in oral forms. Major Finnish literary contributions began during the Reformation.