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Farsi Translation

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Farsi Translation Services

Iranians are highly proud of their poetic, literary language. The last thing you want for your business is to present yourself with a clumsily translated website or brochure. Axis Translations has experienced translators who can provide Farsi translations and we can translate from any language into Farsi or from Farsi to any language. We also have Farsi translators that live in country and translate only into their mother tongue.

In addition to translating text, you could also use our Farsi language service for Farsi interpreters onsite and the Farsi transcriptions of video or audio content. Our Farsi language team help in the courts, conferences, business meetings and editing studios for film-makers.

We also have special expertise to localize software so it can be used by millions more users in other countries. Our software localization service will translate your technical and user manuals, but it does so much more as well. A full Farsi translation can include the user interface as well as the coding. Our web page translation service supports a variety of content management systems, as well as PHP, Perl, and HTML. We can even provide Farsi specific SEO consulting services to improve the chances your translated web pages will be found by Farsi speakers.

Professional Farsi Translators

There is no Farsi translation project that is too small or too large. We offer Farsi translations for private individuals who might need personal, medical or financial records translated, which might only be a few pages. We've also translated entire books and significantly sized business projects. Whatever your topic, content type, and translation need, Axis Translations can turn around the highest quality work in a timely manner. Contact us today and get a free quote for your project.

Interesting Facts About Iran

  • The country wasn't named "Iran" until 1935. For thousands of years before that, the country was called "Persia," which is linguistically related to the name of the Farsi language.
  • Iran has one of the world's longest, continuous civilizations that's remained on the same landmass, with the Persian culture dating back to 4000 B.C.
  • Iran's caviar and Persian rugs have been considered the world's finest for centuries.
  • Iran has one of the world's largest concentration of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • It was home to one of the largest religious sects of the ancient world, Zoroastrianism.
  • While Iran is commonly associated with the hot Middle East, snow skiing in the country's many mountain ranges is one of Iranians' favourite pastimes.

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Interesting Facts About the Farsi Language

  • Written from right to left, written Farsi will also often connect entire words into a single text string.
  • The earliest known handwritten book in Farsi is a medical treatise by Asadi Tusi.
  • One of Farsi's most popular poets, still read all over the world, is Rumi, who wrote in the 13th century.
  • In addition to Iran, Farsi is spoken in Tajikistan and Afghanistan.
  • Farsi and Persian are closely related languages, but also a bit distinct from each other. Farsi is an arabicized version of Persian.
  • Here are some English words with Farsi origins: pistachio, spinach, saffron, bazaar, and soup.
  • Farsi uses the same word for "he" and she."