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English Translation

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English Translation Service

The world is getting smaller. Your next customer or communication could come from anywhere. France? Russia? Chile? Azerbaijan? You need to know for certain that when work comes your way, you have the communications facilities available to make a good impression and establish a solid business relationship. That is why Axis Translations is there to make sure you have all the tools you need to get the job done right. We offer the following:

  • English translation services for over 150 other languages. We also offer translation services for language combinations that do not include English.
  • English for all varieties of English
  • English Web Site Translations (HTML, CSS, Perl, and CMS)
  • English Software Localization (Windows and Mac OS)
  • English Audio Transcription or the transcription of other languages which are then translated into English. This can include time-codes and services specific for film makers.
  • English Interpreters to assist with a wide variety of situations

Do you need your web site to be accessible to a wider audience that speaks various different languages? We can help. Don't make your customers and clients use clumsy machine transliteration services. Make sure they get the exact meaning you intend, and have an easy navigational and reading experience by having your site translated by Axis. We are equipped to handle sites built in a number of formats.

Professional English Translation

Many competing translation companies use machines to transliterate between various languages. This results in disjointed and inaccurate English translations with poor sentence structure and grammar. That is not the case with Axis. We carefully select native speakers of each language we support to ensure natural sounding and accurate translations every time. Our English translators all need to be relevantly qualified and experienced to confirm their knowledge and expertise in the language, as well as to assess the quality of their work output. You can rest assured that every English translation you get from us will be of the utmost quality, no matter which of the 150+ languages we support.

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  • Third in worldwide usage, after Spanish and Mandarin Chinese
  • The world's most widely spoken second language
  • Officially classified as a Romance language in origin
  • Loosely based on Latin root words
  • Multiple dialects spoken the world over, including in Britain, the United States, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, and many others.
  • Alphabet composed of 26 individual letters forming words
  • Has ungendered nouns and concise sentence construction
  • An official languages of the EU, or European Union

Let Axis Translations provide your language services, and watch your client base expand outwards into the growing global marketplace. Make your web site or computer software universal with our software and web localization services. We can even help international companies work more efficiently by translating documents of all kinds, even databases, into over 150 distinct languages. We stand behind every translation we provide, and will do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers. Don't wait, contact Axis Translations today!