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Czech Translation

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Czech Translation Services from Axis Translations

Czech translation services are a great asset in an increasingly globalized and international world. Although the Czech language does not have hundreds of millions of speakers, Czech speakers are at the centre of the developing Eastern European marketplace. The Czech Republic is home to most speakers of Czech. It was the first former Soviet country to achieve levels of development comparable to Western Europe. The Czech Republic also has the highest human development index of any Eastern European country. The capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague, is famous internationally and a mecca for tourists. Many Czech speakers also live in Slovakia, another former Soviet country with a quickly developing economy. For businesses looking to expand into Eastern Europe, a professional Czech translation service is indispensable.

Axis Translations offers a variety of translation services for Czech. We offer Czech translations of English source material and English translations of Czech source material. English is not the only language available for use with Czech translations, we can translate Czech into over 150 different languages or translate any of those languages into Czech. Our translation experts will ensure that documents are translated accurately from one language to another. We have translators who specialize in business writing, technical specifications and a variety of other types of documents, so we are able to translate nearly anything with precision and elegance.

Czech Transcription and Czech Interpreters

Traditional paper documents are far from the only documents that require translation. Our translation professionals can also translate web pages. A properly translated website can be your key to doing business in a new region. We are able to handle a variety of web page formats and can even optimize your web pages for Czech search engines. We offer Czech transcription services for audio recordings and videos. Finally, Axis Translations can even provide Czech interpreters for you.

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Here are several intriguing facts about the Czech language

  • English speakers referred to the Czech language as Bohemian until the late 19th century, after the region known as Bohemia in the Czech Republic.
  • Native speakers of Slovak can understand Czech, and Czech speakers can often understand speakers of Slovak.
  • The European Union counts Czech as one of its official languages.
  • The order of words in a sentence is highly flexible in Czech. Some Czech sentences can be arranged in practically any order to emphasize certain words.
  • Czech has three genders: masculine, feminine and neuter.
  • The Czech language has two major dialects. Common Czech is spoken in Bohemia, the western part of the Czech Republic. A different dialect is spoken in Silesia and Moravia, regions in the eastern part of the country.