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Croatian Translation

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Croatian Translation Services

Axis Translations offers exceptional translations for the Croatian language. We can translate from Croatian into English, from English into Croatian, or between Croatian and over 150 other languages. With Axis Translations, you can reach any audience on the planet.

With over five million Croatian language speakers living in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Austria, Italy, and numerous other countries, there is a broad international audience that you can access through our services. Globalization makes it increasingly important to bridge communication gaps.

If your project requires multiple languages, we have the ability to fulfil any combination that you request. Examples include a multilingual manual, a commercial product with several target markets, or a website with international guests. We can translate any combination of projects and languages.

We also provide Croatian interpreters and Croatian transcription services. Our services cover a wide variety of subject matter. Subjects include legal, medical, business, technical, financial, and more! We have experienced language experts suitable for any purpose. Obtain a free, no-obligation quote for our services today.

Professional Croatian Translators

Our Croatian language translators are native speakers of the target language and have successfully undergone rigorous testing to ensure high quality service. We understand the importance of maintaining linguistic skills, so we randomly audit our translators as an incentive to ensure that competence is preserved.

Our Croatian translations are accurate and meaningful. Whether the project is filled with technical jargon, idiomatic expressions, or formal language, our expert Croatian translators have the relevant knowledge that is required for appropriate translations.

Croatian translations can be tricky because there is no regulatory body which dictates correct language usage. It is therefore important that our translators are fluent in Croatian and the other language. Our translators are able to intuitively read, write, and speak the language with ease. This deep understanding of Croatian guarantees that our services are optimized.

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About the Croatian Language

  • Croatian has 30 letters, with 5 vowels and 25 consonants.
  • Croatian is a South Slavic language that can be traced to the 9th century.
  • Croatian is in the Indo-European language family.
  • Days of the Croatian Language is an annual seven-day celebration held between March 11 and March 17.

About Croatia

  • Zagreb is Croatia's capital city.
  • Dalmatia, the historical region in Croatia, is where the Dalmatian dog breed originated.
  • Football (or soccer) is Croatia's most popular sport.
  • Local cuisine is influenced by Greek, Roman, and other Mediterranean dishes.
  • People have inhabited the Croatian region since ancient history.