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Cebuano Translation

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Cebuano or Binisaya is the second most spoken language in the Philippines, even though it is not taught formally in schools. With 15.8 million speakers, this language can help you communicate with a large number of speakers and Axis Translations can assist.

We offer Cebuano / Binisaya translation services for all types of documents. This can range from transcription of audio and video for use in television, through to medical documents.

Our Cebuano translation services include:

  • Financial Translations – Bank statements to annual statements.
  • Sales and Marketing Translations – Brochures to websites.
  • Medical Translation – Personal medical records to medical advisory campaigns for charities.
  • Technical Translations – From software to engineering proposals.
  • Personal translations – Birth certificates to letters.

Whatever your requirement, call Axis Translations to hear how we can assist with the Cebuano / Binisaya language.

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Cebuano Language Facts – Binisaya Language Facts

Despite not being taught in schools or universities Cebuano is the 2nd most spoken language in the Philippines and has 15.8 million speakers. The majority of its speakers refer to this language as Binisaya, but it is also termed Visayan in English.