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Cantonese-Chinese Translation

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Cantonese-Chinese Translation Service

Moving a business into Cantonese-speaking areas of China, such as Hong Kong, will require English to Cantonese translation or Cantonese to English translation services. Here at Axis Translation, we can provide you with the top Cantonese-Chinese translators to meet your translation needs. We provide global translation services for more than 200 languages so that any business, medical staff or other professionals are covered for communications overseas.

Working with our professionals for your Cantonese-Chinese translation services will help maximize your efficiency while working on a global scale. Cantonese-Chinese translations can include spoken and written translations so that your business can expand into Chinese speaking areas of the world.

Cantonese-Chinese translations are often complicated because of the variation from standard Chinese or Mandarin-Chinese. While the language does use Classical Chinese or Mandarin-Chinese written forms in formal correspondence, Cantonese-Chinese also has a written language of its own that is used in legal proceedings, websites, online chat rooms and similar Internet sources.

To maximize your ability to communicate within Hong Kong, the Guangdong Province, Macau and other Cantonese-Chinese speaking areas of China, it is important to have a professional translation services.

Professional Cantonese Translators

Axis Translation offers the best Cantonese-Chinese translation service available. The Cantonese-Chinese translators have undergone a testing process to ensure the translators are able to speak Cantonese and English fluently. Our translators are also required to understand the written language as well as the standard Chinese written paraphrases that are commonly used in Cantonese-Chinese speaking areas of China.

Whether your goal is related to spoken and audio translation or you want a website, brochure or other written document translated into Cantonese-Chinese, you can rest assured that your translation will be accurate when working with Axis Translation. Our translation services are the best because our translators are native speakers of the target language in addition to their qualifications and experience.

We offer services in legal Cantonese-Chinese translations, medical translation, written website content translation, brochure writing and spoken services so that you can make the most of the Cantonese-Chinese speaking global market.

Cantonese-Chinese translation service is appropriate for those who need to move into the southern regions of China, Hong Kong or Macau. Whether it is business related or the translations are needed in medical, legal and similar formal usages, the native-speaking translators available through Axis Translation are able to ensure accurate language translation.

Cantonese transcription service

For Audio and video recordings we off a Cantonese transcription service. This can help with training, legal evidence and film.

Cantonese interpreters

Furthermore, we also offer Cantonese interpreters on location for meetings of every kind. This includes Cantonese court interpreters.

Call or email Axis Translations to discuss your Cantonese language requirements.

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Cantonese Language Facts

  • Hong Kong, Macau, the southern regions of China and several international locations speak Cantonese-Chinese.
  • The primary characters used in the Cantonese language are the same as those used in Mandarin and Classical Chinese.
  • Cantonese-Chinese has some characters that are exclusive to the language.
  • Local media and television stations will sometimes use Cantonese-Chinese despite the prevalence of Mandarin-Chinese among media sources.
  • The written form of Cantonese-Chinese is used in legal documentation for direct quotations in Hong Kong.

China Facts

  • China has several different languages and dialects.
  • The estimated population of China in 2011 was roughly 1.34 billion people.
  • Mandarin is the official language used in education throughout China.
  • China is a communist-party led country.
  • The main industries of China include textiles, consumer goods, metals, chemicals and electronics.