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Canadian French Translation

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Canadian French Translation Services

Many people do not realize the differences that exist between Canadian French and European French. Likened sometimes to the differences between American and British English, or the Portuguese in Brazil or Portugal,the differences between the two French dialects are important to note when translating. Axis Translators are experts in the field, offering translation in 150 different languages, and they can help you translate to or from Canadian French and any other language offered by the company. They can also assist with the placement of Canadian French interpreters or  transcription services depending on your needs.

No project is too big, too small, too technical or too simple. We can help:

  • Professionals who need French Canadian medical or legal translations completed with precision and understanding
  • Businessmen who need to translate presentation pamphlets, websites, or other marketing materials
  • Those in the technical fields translate manuals

Our French Canadian translators are native speakers of Canadian French (or the target language), some live in the country, and are trained and tested on an ongoing basis. You can be assured that they understand the nuances of the French Canadian language and will be sure that your translation project is completed with optimal care.

Though the francophone dialects are largely mutually intelligible, they are not the same, and your contacts will be grateful you took the time to work with a company that can translate to or from specialized Canadian French. We have served clients who worked for large scale corporations and individuals with all varieties of projects. Contact us to get a free quote and see how we might be able to help you with your French Canadian translation needs.

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Canadian French Facts

The Canadian French language does not actually find its origins in Old French, but rather the French language spoken during the 17th and 18th centuries, which was spoken in France prior to the British conquest of Canada. Following the conquest, the linguistic community became isolated from the affects on the French language to come, and has retained several old pronunciations, such as in the words for ‘me’ and ‘you’.
Grammatically, there are occasional differences between European French and Canadian French in spelling and the feminine and masculine forms of words. Canadian French has also borrowed heavily from the English language, especially during the industrial revolution, resulting in a unique vocabulary for different professions.