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Burmese Translation

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Burmese Translation, Transcription & Interpreting Services

Burma, a small country in Southeast Asia, has been plagued by political trouble over the past few decades. Millions of Burmese citizens have emigrated to other countries, including China, Thailand, India, and the United States. Burmese people in these countries might need Burmese-language documents to help the adjust to life in their new countries or perhaps you need to communicate with the Burmese community. With over 42 million Burmese speakers, Axis Translations is here to help you reach out to Burmese people with our Burmese translation service.

Do you need a Chinese health survey translated to Burmese? Do you have an English-language software program that requires translating into Burmese? Do you need a Burmese translation of a Punjabi textbook? Axis Translations can translate anything you need into or from the Burmese language. We translate legal documents, audio and video recordings, webpage’s, health paperwork, and anything else you need. No job is too small or too big for us.

Whether you're a non-profit charity, a government entity, or a multinational corporation, Axis Translations can assist you with your needs. Our Burmese translators are experienced with government paperwork and legal documents as well as product descriptions and marketing copy. We can help translate birth certificates, court transcripts, or assist you in designing a Burmese-language advertising campaign. Our native Burmese speakers have years of experience with every Burmese translation need.

Burmese transcription services

Burma is a poor country torn apart by warfare and ethnic cleansing. Burmese citizens may spend decades in camps with little educational opportunities. Children born in these camps may have never attended school and, unfortunately, many Burmese are illiterate. That’s why Axis Translations offers Burmese translations for print and vocal pieces. We can transcribe your Burmese audio and video recording and provide the transcript translated into the language of your choice. Our transcription services include Burmese medical transcriptions. Our Burmese translation and transcription services are here to help you and your clients.

While the majority of Burmese speak the Burmese language, did you know that 35 percent of Burmese people do not? Burma is home to many different ethnic groups, each with their own unique language. We have native speakers of every language, including Mon, Shan, Karen, Rohyngya and Chin. We are dedicated to providing you with quality Burmese translations, no matter which dialect you need. Other Burmese translation services only translate into Burmese, the official language, but Axis Translations will help you tailor your translated pieces to your audience’s needs.

Professional Burmese interpreters

In addition to the language services already mention, we also offer Burmese interpreters. These interpreters can assist with a wide range of face-to-face meetings that include; conferences, medical visits, community meetings, training, presentations, sales meetings, court appearances, prison visits and more.

Contact us today to hear more about how we can help you with Burmese translation, transcription and even Burmese interpreters on location.

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Facts about the Burmese language

  • Although Burmese is officially called the Myanmar language, most English speakers refer to this language as Burmese.
  • Spoken by 32 million as a first language and 10 million as a second language
  • Largely monosyllabic. Many loanwords are polysyllabic.
  • Borrows words from Pali (an Indian language used in Buddhist texts), English, Mon (the language of a large ethnic group), Chinese, Sanskrit, and Hindi
  • The beautiful alphabet has 33 letters and 12 vowels

Axis Translations can provide you with quality Burmese translations so you can reach out to the millions of potential clients who speak Burmese. Contact us today to get the details on how we can help.