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Bulgarian Translation

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Bulgarian Translation Service

Axis Translations offers high quality translations from English to Bulgarian, Bulgarian to English, and numerous other configurations. Our services include over 150 different languages from all over the globe. No matter what language you need Bulgarian text translated into, we have you covered. If you can imagine a language you need Bulgarian translation to, we can do it for you. Due to our broad range of Bulgarian translation experts, we can provide specialized translations for applications such as business, education and medical purposes.

Professional Bulgarian Translation

Regardless of if you need short translations or entire collections of documents, and even books, we can provide your solution. Axis Translations specializes in Bulgarian translation of documents such as personal, medical and business records, certificates, and other crucial documents for a variety of purposes.

Do you need a web page translated? How about a piece of computer software? Our localization team is perfectly suited to bring any computer product you need to any audience. As far as our web page translation services, we support not only HTML, but also PHP, Perl and CMS, or Content Management Systems. By making your site or computer software available in more languages, you can drastically increase your available user base beyond your own country and to the world as a whole.

Accurate Bulgarian Translation

Our services aren't limited to text translation and transliteration, however. In addition, we can perform Bulgarian interpretation and type out fully accurate Bulgarian transcriptions, generate Bulgarian voiceovers for video and computer presentations, and even offer SEO services in any of our 150 supported languages. All of our translation services are available for Bulgarian in particular.

About Bulgaria

Bulgaria is an Eastern European country with a size of approximately 111 square kilometres. Its capitol city is Sofia. Its primary language is Bulgarian, and the country is home to approximately 7.4 million people. It is part of the European Union, United Nations, Council of Europe and NATO, or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Bulgaria is comprised of 28 different provinces. It has been called the "Silicon Valley of the Eastern Bloc".

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Bulgarian Language Facts

  • Spoken by approximately nine to twelve million people across the world
  • A Slavic language, related to Macedonian
  • Composed of two major dialects, Western and Eastern, also called Hard and Soft speech, respectively
  • Uses the Glagolitic Alphabet, composed of 30 characters
  • Composed of vowels, semivowels and consonants

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