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Bosnian Translation

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Bosnian Translation Service of Axis Translations

The Bosnian language is spoken by up to 3 million people, primarily in the Baltic countries and Turkey. The Bosnian language has been increasingly popular after the independence of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, given that the Bosnian language is a branch of Serbo-Croatian, it has a long history and is intelligible to the millions of speakers of Serbo-Croat.

Bosnian Translation Services

Axis Translations is one of the few translation services to offer expertise in the Bosnian language. Translations to Bosnian are only completed by Bosnian’s. The translations from Bosnian are also complete by translators who read, write, and speak Bosnian as natives. We can translate documents from a wide variety of languages into Bosnian, or translate from the Bosnian language into the language of your choosing. In fact, Axis Translations offers more than 200 language combinations for Bosnian.

The Bosnian language has become internationally prominent in recent years, especially after the breakup of the former Yugoslavia. Speakers of the Bosnian language are now spread not only throughout much of the Balkans but also throughout the world. Bosnian speakers who live in Europe and the United States often require translation of Bosnian-language documents into English, French, German, and other major languages. By the same token, many humanitarian and business organizations now operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina require translations into the Bosnian language.

Accurate Bosnian translation requires not only a specialized set of linguistic skills but also careful attention to context. One of the strengths of the Axis Translations model is to personalize our Bosnian translation services so that we can meet your specific business, medical, commercial, or personal objectives. For example, we offer you search engine optimization (SEO) services for translation into Bosnian, which will be of immense use to businesses that are trying to create compelling and search engine-friendly text in the Bosnian language. We do not treat Bosnian translation as a commodity, but rather work closely with each customer to ensure that your individual needs are met to your satisfaction.

The needs of Bosnian language speakers, or those who wish to have documents translated into the Bosnian language, are likely to be exacting and precise. There is little room for even the smallest errors when translating important medical, business, website, or personal documents into or out of the Bosnian language. For that reason, you should entrust all of your Bosnian language translation needs to Axis Translations. We will not only ensure that your document is worked on by highly-qualified, native Bosnian language speakers but also pay the highest attention to your individual Bosnian translation order. We will not be satisfied until you are.

Further more, we can also assist with Bosnian transcription services. The involves linguistic services specifically for audio and video recordings. We have assisted with Bosnian transcription services for a wide range of circumstances that includes television and film.

Finally, perhaps you would like a linguist present at a meeting or conference. For this requirement we can also supply a Bosnian Interpreter to attend.

Contact us for more information on your Bosnian language translation needs.

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Bosnian Language Facts

A form of Serbo-Croatian with 2.2 million native speakers. This language is mainly found in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Albania and Turkey. For Bosnia and Herzegovina it is one of 3 official languages.

The Bosnian language uses both Latin and Cyrillic script. Another important factor when completing a translation assignment.

There is controversy over the name of the language and it also known as ‘Bosniak’ for this reason.