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Bhojpuri Translation

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Bhojpuri Translation Service

Do you want to communicate with Bhojpuri speakers or understand a document written in Bhojpuri? Axis Translations can help you with our Bhojpuri translation service and remove this language barrier.

We can translate Bhojpuri to or from English as well as over 150 other languages. Our services are not limited by size and range from marriage certificates through to large investment documents.

Our services include:

  • Bhojpuri legal translation.
  • Bhojpuri medical translation
  • Translation of websites to Bhojpuri
  • Bhojpuri interpreter – On location for your meeting, court interpreting or conference.
  • Bhojpuri engineering translation

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Bhojpuri Language Facts

The Bhojpuri language is part of the Indo-European language family. It is mostly spoken in India, Nepal, Mauritius and Suriname, Trinidad, Tobago and Fiji. Approximately 38.5 million people speak this language.