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Belarusian Translation

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Belarusian Translation Services

Axis Translations provides a full array of options for all of your Belarusian translation service needs. Our skilled team of experienced professionals can translate your Belarusian content to or from over 200 languages. Regardless of the size of your project, we have experts in a variety of fields that can take care of all your Belarusian translation needs.

Do you have personal or business documents that require specialized industry knowledge or expertise to translate? Whatever your needs, the experts at Axis Translations can provide Belarusian translation services of legal, financial, medical and other important documents for a range of uses. Our Belarusian translation specialists utilize their industry expertise to craft professional, polished documents translated to or from the language(s) of your choice.

Expand the reach of your company's website or software product globally with Axis Translations’ localization and translation services. Our experts can translate your software product or website and ensure it adheres to the requirements of the target country or region. Our team supports all website/software platforms from HTML, XML to JAVA and every flavour in between. To ensure your site will reach your new target market, we also offer multilingual search engine optimization services. With an eye for detail and respect for cultural sensitivity, our team can assure your message or product reaches a new global audience - maximizing your company’s business potential and worldwide competitive advantage.

Extending your company’s reach globally also extends to your printed brand material. We understand that in the global market place, your company must compete for every client. That’s why it is important to ensure your company’s sales message remains clear and concise – no matter what language it is presented in. Whether its sales proposals, marketing materials or any other form of sales correspondence, let Axis Translations make sure your company’s message doesn’t get ‘lost in translation’. 

Axis Translations also offers additional Belarusian language services such as interpreters for onsite meetings, court proceedings and conferences.

Belarusian transcription and translation service

Additionally, our team provides Belarusian transcription of both audio and video material. This can assist with television productions, evidence, audit, training and more.

To ensure the accuracy of our translations, only qualified and experienced professional translators complete all projects. Rest assured…when it comes to your Belarusian translation service needs, Axis Translations is your one stop shop!

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Facts About the Belarusian Language

  • There are an estimated 8 million native speakers of the Belarusian language.
  • The Belarusian language is composed primarily of three dialects: South Western, North

Eastern and Central Belarusian

  • A Slavic language, it is most closely aligned with Russian and Ukrainian languages.
  • It is written utilizing a variant of the Cyrillic alphabet.
  • While the official language of Belarus, it is also spoken in Poland, Russia and the Ukraine.