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Azerbaijani Translation

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Azerbaijani Translation Services

Axis Translations employs a dedicated staff of translators fluent in 150 languages, including Azerbaijani. Whether material or media need to be translated from or to Azerbaijani, our team is up to the task. Free quotes for professional Azerbaijani translation services are available on request.

Accurate Azerbaijani translation

One of the particular difficulties of written Azerbaijani translation is that, while Azerbaijani is officially written in familiar Latin script shared with Western languages, some populations use Cyrillic, and, in Iran, Azerbaijani is written using Persian characters. Professional Azerbaijani translations can occur in any of these alphabets, making fluency in different letter forms and word constructions a must to achieve an accurate translation in different locations. The Axis Translations team Azerbaijani translators can suit the message to its intended audience.

Contact Axis Translations now to discuss your requirements. We can assist and will offer the best solution for your translation objective.

The vocabulary and grammar of Azerbaijani are influenced by Turkic, Persian, and Arabic, but it is a language distinct in its own right, unintelligible to those unfamiliar with its structure. For this reason, a Azerbaijani translation by a qualified professional is necessary for immigration documentation, legal proceedings, business contracts, and both professional and personal correspondence.

As the language of government, business, and entertainment within the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as the language of interpersonal commerce in enclaves around the globe, professional Azerbaijani translation services are a must for companies or individuals looking to do business with this market.

Azerbaijan is a modern country with wide internet access. Axis Translations’ services are not limited to legal documents, diplomatic translation, immigration issues, financial transactions, or contractual language, though it can provide all of these. Azerbaijani transcription and translation is available to for web content and multimedia, audio and video translation, and translation in any marketing or communication venue. Technical manuals for engineering or technological applications is a specialty, as is medical translation of journal articles, and hospital forms and instructions. Medical records in Azerbaijani can be translated into 150 other languages, and medical records from other countries can be translated into Azerbaijani, ensuring continuity of patient care.

The entire range of how Azerbaijani is used in business, culture, government, and correspondence can be translated, either from or into Azerbaijani, including regional variations employed in countries outside Azerbaijan. When accurate, accessible Azerbaijani translations are needed, Axis Translations delivers. An accurate Azerbaijani translation means that misunderstandings will not occur and all the involved parties will get the message that is intended to be delivered. The value and meaning of the applicable information is clear and concise.

The fluidity and flexibility of Azerbaijani means that translators need to be able to function in a variety of environments and situations. When certified Azerbaijani translations are needed, there is only one source that provides reliable results in combination with 150 other languages. When accurate communication is needed for technical or scientific documents, immigration, or for conducting business Axis Translations are the answer.

In addition to our translation and transcription services we cal also offer Azerbaijani interpreters on location for courts, conferences, prison visits, meetings and a wide range of situations.

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Azerbaijani Language Facts

Azerbaijani is the official language of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It is also used by Azerbaijani communities located in Georgia, Iran, Russia and Armenia, and all over the world.

More than 8 million people live in Azerbaijan, the majority of them are native speakers of the Azerbaijani language. Azerbaijani speakers also live in Iran (up to 11 million), and Turkey (approximately 2 million).

The majority of Azerbaijani language speakers still reside in the Caucasus area with substantial populations in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine. Large communities exist in the Western world, and emigrant enclaves tend to focus in major cosmopolitan cities such as London, Houston, New York City, Los Angels and Toronto.

The first written Azerbaijani literature was crafted in the 14th century and it continues to this day. The first newspaper was printed in Azerbaijani in 1875 and the Republic of Azerbaijan supports a robust press, and media market, to this day.