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Amharic Translation

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Amharic Translation Service

The Amharic language is the official language of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Professional Amharic translation services are rare, but Axis Translations employs a staff of fluent and experienced professionals who are available to translate text and other media to and from Amharic for use within the Ethiopian Republic, and for the large immigrant communities that have formed all over the world. Legal documents, contracts, technical manuals, medical articles, and multimedia digital content can be translated to exacting standards.

Though Amharic is a Semetic language similar to Arabic, it is written in a distinctive script, and it possesses grammatical rules distinct to its speakers. Context is key to much of Amharic construction. Suffixes, prefixes and gender express specific meanings. Unless a Amharic translator is sensitive to the connotations of Amharic, the message can be lost, either in translations from Amharic or into Amharic.

Unlike other Amharic translation services, Axis Translations translates more than documents. The Amharic language team offer Amharic transcription services for audio, video, and multimedia programs in combination with over 150 different global languages. This scope of translation will suit any need or plan. Utilizing accurate Amharic translations ensures the message is understood as intended.

People can conduct business in Amharic script on the internet, including email, blogs, and social media. The number of websites using Amharic audio and textual content is increasing as Amharic speakers continue to utilize the internet to gather information and communicate with each other. Professional Amharic translations services ensure that the content is accurate and accessible, and allows interested parties to learn what Amharic websites publish. Windows Vista has an Amharic application, as does Google.

With more than 17 million Amharic speakers worldwide, reaching this audience is the goal of international marketing departments. Where Ethiopian enclaves exist in major cities around the world, being able to access this audience through accurate and effective Amharic translations is key to gaining market share and a loyal customer base. Local public education agencies, such as health departments, social service agencies, or school boards require reliable Amharic translators to communicate with their communities. Accredited hospitals are required to provide documents and instructions translated into Amharic when there is a need for them in their patient population.

For face to face appointments Axis Translations can provide Amharic interpreters. This service offers interpreters for meeting, court appointments, conferences and other requirements.

Axis Translations serves large corporations, small businesses, and individuals who require translation from or to Amharic. No matter the media used or the circumstances surrounding translation, accurate Amharic translation is an email or phone call away. The advantages of using a professional Amharic translation service include guaranteed accuracy, increased understanding of source documentation, improved communication, and access to the riches and nuances of Ethiopian culture, whether for business or legal reasons, or for pleasure or personal enrichment.

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Amharic Language Facts

The official language of Ethiopia, Amharic is the language of government, the military, and business in this country.

Amharic is the language of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, the predominant Oriental Orthodox Church in Ethiopia, with between 40 and 45 million adherents worldwide.

Amharic verbs are conjugated according to tense, aspect and mood, and they are made to agree with their subjects by using suffixes and prefixes. Subject affixes are not consistent, and they are not consider pronouns but a part of verb conjugation.

The characters used in Amharic script represent combinations of a vowel and a consonant rather than distinctly separate vocalizations. Phonemes can be written with more than one symbol depending on where and how the letter is used.

The word Rastafari comes from the title given to Haile Selassi I before he was crowned the last Emperor of Ethiopia.