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Albanian Translation

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Professional Albanian Translation Services

With an estimated 7.3 million native speakers worldwide the Albanian language is now spoken by populations in several different countries. This diaspora has resulted in the increasing need for translators for Albanian, and Axis Translation is the company to turn to.

With the capability for Albanian translation, transcription, as well as providing Albanian interpreters for over 150 languages, we can help you with accurate Albanian translation services. We can translate to or from Albanian and any of the other 150 languages offered. We can provide for you:

  • Albanian Medical Translations
  • Albanian Legal Translations
  • Pamphlet and Presentation Translations
  • Technical or Business Translations
  • Albanian Website Translation
  • Anything else. We can assist with any type of document or text and can translate Albanian as part of over 150 language combinations: Albanian to English translation, English to Albanian translation, Albanian to Italian translation, Albanian to Russian translation, etc.

Accurate Albania Translations

We can handle any size job with any degree of technicality, from letters or correspondence to enormous manuals. Our Albanian translators are native speakers of Albanian (or the target language of translating from Albanian), live in the country, and are trained and tested on a regular basis to ensure the highest quality translation. We know that when you seek a translator, you are looking for someone who works professionally and with precision and accuracy. In the world of international communication, you have enough to worry about without wondering if your Albanian translation is accurate. With our vast array of languages available, you can be assured that we can help you no matter what your language needs. Contact us for a free translation estimate to or from Albanian and any other language. We look forward to working with you and assisting you with: Albanian translation, Albanian transcription or providing an Albanian interpreter on location

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Albanian Language Facts

The Albanian language is an entirely unique language. It is classified as Indo-European but does not belong to any known family or branch. It probably evolved from a now extinct Paleo-Balkan language, but the exact language is unknown. It does contain loan words from Doric Greek, Latin, and some southern Slavic tongues. Old Albanian is also theorized to have had significant affects on the development of other Balkan languages as well.
Over the years the Albanian people have used a number of different scripts to write the language, ranging from the Arabic script, the Greek Script, in modern times, the Latin script. The Albanian language also contains two main dialects, Gheg and Tosk, which are entirely regional, though Tosk is used as the official language of Albania and Kosovo. Gheg is to the north of the Shkumbin River, and Tosk is to the south.