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Expanding your business into Russia?

Translate into Russian and successfully expand your business into this important global economy.

Scaling your business to new global markets unlocks a huge potential for growth. But ensuring success in the largest country in the world requires significant preparation. Finding a skilled native Russian translator early on not only helps you get your business ready for expansion but also provides you with expert knowledge of this vast market.

The Russian Federation stretches across Eurasia from Eastern Europe to the Pacific coast. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia became the largest country in the world in terms of territory. In fact, it’s so large that it spans nine time zones.

Accurate Russian translations make you look credible
Like any national market, Russia has its own set of rules and regulations. But beyond the formalities of operating in another country, it’s essential you understand cultural traits and local business protocol.

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy. Depending on your sector, one day you may be dealing with a modern entrepreneur, the next day with an old-school Soviet bureaucrat. The way you communicate with each of these individuals is very different, and it is important to tailor your messages accordingly.

Understanding how to speak appropriately to a diverse range of business people is essential. But it’s not something you can learn overnight. So, using professional Russian translators is the most resource-effective way of appearing credible as a foreigner in the market.

Translating into Russian is a legal requirement for many areas of business
All businesses operating in Russia, including those owned by foreign investors, are required to use Russian. This includes everything from bookkeeping, tax reporting and office paperwork to advertising and marketing. Professional legal translation is therefore very important.

Russian translation is essential for compliant business operations
To comply with Russian legislation, you’ll need to prepare some documents. The process for this varies according to which legal structure you choose but should include the following:

• Full company name
• Names and signatures of the company founders
• Details of any directors, if applicable
• The amount and nature of shareholder contributions

The Federal Law On the State Language of the Russian Federation establishes an extensive list of areas where the use of Russian is mandatory.

They include:

Advertising: all advertising in the Russian Federation must be either in Russian or in the particular state language of the individual republic in which the advertising appears.
Consumer protection: under the consumer protection regulations, a consumer should be informed in a clear and accessible manner in the Russian language about the manufacturer (seller), the operating mode of its work and the goods (works, services) it produces or sells.
Media and public performances: all media is expected to be in Russian. Cinema exhibitions and public performances of literature and art also require the mandatory use of Russian.
Education: Russian is mandatory while receiving education in all educational institutions. If you offer educational products or training, this could apply to you.

English is still not widely spoken in Russia
According to a Levada Center poll from 2014, only 11% of Russians speak English, which is why translations in all areas of business are so crucial in this country.

Effective Russian translations are crucial to business growth
Translating your business texts into Russian couldn’t be more straightforward with the right help.

Employing a professional translation company is the best way to produce the material you need to implement this growth. It offers peace of mind that you’ll have high-quality communications that create positive associations with your business.

Quality-first professional Russian translation services
We believe that quality always comes first. We do everything possible to ensure you’re confident entrusting us with the translation of your documents, and that you’re so happy with the service that you recommend us to others. We pride ourselves on our reputation for industry-leading translation services at competitive rates.

In addition to Russian, we cover all the major global languages: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish as well as many others. Whatever languages you need, you can rest assured that our quick response and seamless project delivery will be fast, thorough and professional.

Get in touch to discuss how we can assist with your unique English to Russian/Russian to English translation needs.

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How Norwegian translation can help unlock new business

You can find incredible opportunities and relationships will open up to your business If you are prepared with professional translations for your expansion into Norway.

Are you expanding into Norway?
Contracting a professional Norwegian translator could be the best way to expand your business into Norway and the Nordic region. In Norway, incomes are evenly distributed and unemployment is low – making it an attractive market.

And despite the fact that many Norwegians speak passable English, accurate Norwegian translations of your website and marketing messages can give you an edge over other foreign businesses in the market. A localised website, for example, makes you look established and improves brand perception.

Norway has vast oil and gas reserves, making it very prosperous. In fact, it’s one of the wealthiest nations in the world. This makes it a great country to focus your business efforts, particularly if you’re planning to expand into consumer markets with high disposable income.

With optimistic economic activity and falling unemployment on the horizon, it’s a great time to localise your advertising, marketing and business proposals into Norwegian.

As with any new market, it’s important to get a lie of the land before building your presence. With the help of professional Norwegian translation services, you can easily tailor your business communications to this important global market. But first, it’s essential to find a translator who specialises in or has experience in business translations.

While we may advise against using unnecessary jargon, understanding sector-specific terminology is essential to write in the appropriate context and create messages that resonate with their target audiences. Especially if those audiences are industry professionals.

What we can offer:
We can take care of business contracts, reports and documentation through to advertising marketing material, web content, mailshots, blog articles, social media, brochures, leaflets, and more.

Not every translation agency can cover industrial, technological and scientific sectors. Whether you need to translate from English to Norwegian or vice versa, we have a team of professionals who can tailor their translation services to your project requirements.

The benefits of working with us
By contracting a professional translation company, you can outsource worrying about the details. We’ll handle everything from the moment we receive your documents until the work is completed and delivered back to you.

The results you can expect us to deliver
By communicating with a new foreign market in their language, you can expect increased web traffic, returning customer visits, leading to increased sales and revenue. But beyond that, you can feel confident that you have a presence in Norway that feels plugged in and native. And if you’re already convinced and are considering other Scandinavian markets, we can help with that too.

Whatever type of business you are running, copy and document translations will boost your online presence, and not only will your products and services hit the global stage, your business will also see an endless possibilities of growth in a new and prosperous country.

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Which industries stand to gain the most from translation services?

In our present digital age, people across the world are interacting with each other more than they’ve ever done before. As these major cities transform into global communities, improved communication has become a major need.

With dozens of major languages all over the world, many people who do business in an array of industries require translation services. The major obstacle in the world is the ability to understand and speak each other’s language but this problem is solved when translation services come in.

Top industries of high importance should use a professional translation service to make their products and services more familiar to their customers. There are a lot of big industries that can benefit from language translation services, here are just a few…

Translation for Banking and Finance
This particular industry is one that can benefit hugely from language translation services, for many reasons. For example, a couple that has just immigrated to a new country may look for a bank loan to finance their business, or perhaps to take out a mortgage to buy a home.

This requires them to fill out many documents, with very important information which should be carefully checked and translated. With the amount of money on the line, there can be no room for mistakes.

Translation for the Medical and Life Science Industry
The medical and life science industry are both industries with the need of competent translation services. Both organisations need translators for patient’s records, prescription information, doctor’s manuals, medical reports, and other forms of instruction.

Professional translators can help pharmaceutical and health care industries to provide all the necessary information to their clients. Any related material can be translated into the target country’s language for companies that are seeking to expand their market on a global scale.

Translation for Real Estate
Travelling around the world has been made much easier today than it was two decades ago. People now view any destination not only as a holiday, but also sometimes as a potential second home. Buying a house or an apartment in a different country is not a far-fetched idea. The process of acquiring a property abroad, however, tends to be more complicated.

Sales contracts, leases, and other agreements must comply with the legal systems of both countries. Translators help keep these documents in line with the law across all languages involved.

Translation for Information and Technology
With the advent of technology, the information technology sector has been growing globally. Companies in this sector have to manage all sorts of projects internationally daily, which require technical documents to be interpreted into different languages.

Legal Translation
While working in a global environment, there are times you may need to understand a proposal that is put forth by a global vendor. In such cases, it is very important to understand all the details of the proposal as well as the legal information accurately.

Because of this, the legal industry has a great need for legal translation services. An accurate translation is needed to make sure that a client understands his or her legal rights.

Travel and Tourism Industry Translation
Language translation services have helped a lot of companies in the travel and tourism industry to increase their monthly revenue. The use of professional language translators can help to provide all the necessary information and services in various languages so that their clients can understand it.

Companies operating in this sector translate their travel documents, brochures, leaflets and terms and condition documents into different languages. Translations will also provide tourists with the specific advice they need about a particular place they are visiting.

Translation for Manufacturing Industry
The manufacturing industry is becoming more and more global. From aerospace and automotive to industrial equipment and consumer goods. The need of translation services is required for important documents such as contracts, user manuals, product information, licenses, government compliances and tax forms and trademarks.

All the documents need to be translated into different languages before they can be exported to other countries. For the sake of accuracy, a professional translator is needed.

Translation for the Police Force
The police force is one of the government departments that would benefit greatly from language translation services. There are times where the police will have to deal with individuals who speak languages that are different from the country’s native local languages. The translator would be able to help both parties with any technical document translation that is required.

Whatever type of business you are running, a technical document translation will boost your online presence, and not only will your products and services hit the global stage, your business will also see an endless possibilities of growth.

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How professional website translation could help you attract business from all over the world

The Internet continues to grow and has become the default point of call for businesses and individuals searching for goods, services or information.

For businesses wishing to get that competitive advantage, getting a professional website translation now presents one of the most high impact means of expanding a client base and securing greater sales volumes.

Translated websites will continue to become a necessity for businesses and organisations as the process of internationalization unfolds.

Here are 9 good reasons why you need a translated website today rather than later:

#1 Shift Away from English Internet Users

Results of research carried out by Nielsen-Netratings described foreign internet markets as “low hanging fruit,” i.e. if you have the will and foresight there are massive revenues to be found for relatively little effort. The results showed that Internet use in the traditional strong holds of the USA, Germany, the UK and Sweden is flat lining. On the other hand, countries such as France, Greece, Italy and Japan are seeing substantial growth in Internet usage.

#2 Cost Effective Marketing Tool

Having the ability to communicate to a whole new international audience in their own language will undoubtedly yield results not only in a financial sense but also in terms of marketing and creating awareness of your brand, service or product.

A professionally translated website in the grand scheme of things is probably one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing your company, capturing new users, building relationships with new clients and giving your brand an international outlook.

#3 New Customers

Ultimately what a professionally translated website brings you are new customers. By having your site accessible to potentially thousands of people you are showcasing your company across the globe. For non-English speaking users looking for your product or service, you automatically capture their attention.

#4 Sales

With every language added to a website there is the potential for an increase of between 100% in sales. Even if a business website is translated into a few of the major world languages, i.e. Spanish, Arabic, Greek and Italian there is potentially a 400% increase in sales. There are few other ways to get such an increase for such little investment.

#5 Customer-Centric

A professionally website translation demonstrates you are thinking about the customer. That little extra effort shows you have thought and cared enough about them to offer the website in their language. As with anything in business, if the customer thinks you care, they will want to do business with you.

#6 Trust

For many cultures there is an issue of trust when it comes to buying over the Internet, especially if they feel it is in a language they are not fully proficient in. Offering them a language alternative allows the customers to feel secure in the fact they know what they are buying, how and who from.

#7 Culturally Sensitive

A translated website, if done professionally, overcomes potential cultural barriers through allowing access in a native language. This automatically puts the user in a ‘cultural comfort zone’ due to their being able to navigate, understand and interact with the website.

#8 Beat Competitors

To get the competitive advantage in today’s environment you need to think outside the box. Many businesses try to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Look at your competitors – if they have professionally translated websites then why don’t you? If they don’t, then why not lead the marketplace and establish your company or brand abroad before they do.

#9 Shows International Nature

Image is everything. A multilingual website demonstrates you think, work and deal internationally.


Business continually sees shifts and changes. At present the professionally translated website is still in its early stages, with mostly large multinational companies using them to secure an international foothold. However, the trickle-down effect will naturally occur and it will become part and parcel of an Internet presence to have a professional language translation. Whether people chose to invest now or later is the only choice they have.

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Arabic Engineering Document Translation

Working in engineering, there are many places you could take your business, and if you’re considering expanding out to new areas and countries, there is an incredible advantage to using a translation service to translate professional documents, manuals, and papers to Arabic.

Arabic is the 5th most commonly spoken native language in the world. It is the official language of the 22 countries which form the Arab League and the native language of over 200m people residing in this geographical region, which stretches from Southwest Asia to Northwest Africa and is also known as the Arab World. Arabic is also the liturgical language of over a billion Muslims around the world, as it’s the language in which the Qur’an, the Holy Book of Islam, was revealed.

Many businesses have taken the leap into Arabic countries, and have become hugely successful for it, and engineering takes the top of the leader board for those which have done well. While there are cultural differences from the UK which exist, this is changing as Arab countries gain more exposure to Western business practices, so now is the ideal time to branch out.

Initiatives to integrate the Arab world into the global economy are opening up numerous potential new business opportunities. The Arab region with its rapidly growing population provides a huge export market for goods and services, and the region has much to offer the world market.

The Arab countries are in the process of reforming and diversifying their economies. Business regulation is improved in order to make the economies more competitive and to attract entrepreneurs. In the Arabian Gulf, for example, huge investments are made in areas like engineering, construction, finance and tourism.

In order to do business effectively, you must understand the culture of the people with which you hope to negotiate and conduct trade. The business culture in the Arab World is very much about building personal relationships of mutual trust. In this environment, accurate Arabic translations can be instrumental in fostering deeper business relations.

With professional Arabic translations you get:

Accurate translation – Despite the many differences in pronunciation between English and Arabic words, be wary of some false friends, i.e. terms that are pronounced practically the same in both languages, but refer to totally different things.

Expertise – Experienced translators know the language and the culture before they start, so you can trust that their expertise will help them navigate difficult phrases or hidden meanings, as well as understand the tone the document needs to be in.

Confidentiality – Business and engineering documents can sometimes need a level of confidentiality which is offered by professional translating services, but not always by part time translators, or automated translators like Google.

Translations that get results – If your text is a marketing translation, Google translate won’t measure up. If you want to sell, you’ll need a professional translator who knows their way around SEO translation and marketing translation.

So for all engineering Arabic business, ensure you prioritise your document translation, and choose a service which will give you the best chance at success. Choose us for an accurate Arabic engineering translation service.

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Confidential Translations and Technology – Part 2

In Part 1 a brief outline was given of professional translation confidentiality. This was the situation that applied in the early days of computing, but the technology issues are outlined in this post.

Computing technology of today has evolved. The first part was networking computers in an office on a LAN, which made it faster to move and share documents between computers in an office. However, was this progress for translation confidentiality? If we look at cases of hacking, access to the LAN from a security breach is possible. At this point the hacker can potentially access all the computers on the LAN.

The next phase is Cloud computing. The computers in the office might still be on a LAN, but now files are stored off-site in ‘the Cloud’. Considering modes of attack, perhaps a hacker might find it more exciting to hack a Cloud and see what interesting information they can find than rather than targeting a seemingly boring translation agency? It’s possible, but it also can be argued that it offers other options for breaches to obtain the information they seek.

So how do you avoid the reduced security of cloud and LAN computing? Two main options exist: 1) Have regular audits of the systems to ensure the security controls are up to date. You obviously also need to change the details as staff members change. 2) Avoid LANS and Cloud computing for your translations.

Seems a crazy idea, but a standalone computer is like a castle with a moat around it compared with the newer systems. It can still potentially be breached, but that’s one computer and not them all. Documents could be transferred between computers by email, but a USB (if controlled) offers greater security.

Unlike the rest, Axis Translations offers confidentiality for all its requests and translators. Contact us today for a professional confidential translation service.

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Confidential Translations and Technology – Part 1

Confidentiality seems to have become a quick ‘yes’ from your average translation agency in the same way that NDA’s / Confidentiality agreements are also signed without much thought across a range of industries. However, confidentiality can be crucial part of a client’s request, as integral to awarding the assignment to the translation agency as the price and quality of translation.
Client confidentiality might be for documents relating to a court case, a famous person, a new invention, a police investigation, or so many other situations where a breach of confidentially could cause harm. It won’t make the agencies Twitter Feed or Facebook page quite so much fun, but translation confidentiality only really works when it is the normal culture of the professional translation agency.

This culture begins with how all assignments are treated. There is then the review of the clients NDA’s / Confidentiality agreements and ensuring that the translators involved are aware of any special items that the agreement contains. Ensuring that the translators involved know to keep every assignment confidential, can then be given a more severe reminder for special assignments. It then moves on with keeping documents on a ‘need-to-know’ basis, avoiding printed copies and deleting after an agreed time has passed. Finally, the wording of the invoice also needs to be considered as the translation agencies invoice will pass a lot of people’s desks in both theirs and the clients office.
How about the role of technology in translation confidentiality? That will follow in Part 2

Remember that Axis Translations offers confidentiality for all of its assignments

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Professional Arabic Translations

There is a growing need for businesses to have Arabic translations to be successful in the Arabic speaking world. When businesses start catering towards the Arabic language, they can add over 200 million people to their current business market, but because Arabic is also the language of the Holy Quran, Arabic is spoken by the global Muslim population, as well. Not only is proper communication necessary when speaking to the Arabic community, your business will also require a professional and accurate Arabic translation service to ensure that your communications won’t be misinterpreted.

Perhaps you need materials translated for any Arabic employees you may have overseas, or maybe you need to translate your marketing materials for Middle Eastern countries. Whatever the reason, if you’re in need of an English to Arabic, or Arabic to English translation service, you should be looking for a language translation expert who has several years of experience in the business industry. By having an expert translate for your business, you can be more confident that your message has been conveyed as precisely as possible.

You shouldn’t ever settle for a rough translation that simply captures the general idea of what you’re trying to say. Arabic is a complex and beautiful language, but it’s easy for non-native or untrained individuals to make a mess of even a simple translation. To show professionalism, it’s best to employ an experienced translator who can take not only your business materials and documents, but even emails and letters that you want to send and change them into the best translation possible.

When you discover an Arabic translation expert, they should also be able to translate text from Arabic to English, just in case you receive a reply from a native Arabic speaker, whether they are overseas or where your company is based. You should be prepared for all eventualities.

You can make your business better with Arabic document translations that are completed by translation experts. Translation machines and automated technology can be full of errors. They cannot localise a language, and they typically misuse homonyms and homograph words, among other misused variables that native speakers will struggle to understand fully if the language is too muddled up.

The most embarrassing thing that can happen to a company trying to expand their business globally is poor translations. These can be sent out to global customers, potential clients, and even international partners. The last thing a company needs is bad publicity due to poor translation services by a translator who isn’t experienced.

Nothing is a good substitute for experienced translators who can capture your message and translate it in the best possible way. Experienced business translators will understand that your business is important to you, and they’ll be able to provide the best English to Arabic or Arabic to English translation you could hope for. By doing this, they open your business up to a global network with millions of native and non-native speakers waiting to hear from you all over the world.
Axis Translations can assist you with Arabic translations by qualified translators who translate into their native language.

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When and where did computer translation begin?

It was announced as far back as 1954 that a Russian to English translation had been completed by a computer, but we can safely assume that computer generated translation will have started sooner than this. The early stages would have been in research laboratories.

This Russian translation was completed by IBM on its 701 computer in Georgetown and one of the professors who worked on this predicted that computer translations of entire books would be possible within three to five years.

Since then, translation devices have often been found in the world of sci-fi. Good examples are Star Trek and A Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. However, the languages in sci-fi are often from other worlds.

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Translation of Press Releases

The purpose of a press release is to share information. Traditionally, it was an official statement issued to newspapers giving information on a specific matter but, with new forms of media, a press release is now more commonly via news sites on the world wide web.

Considering that matters are increasingly global and that only 20% of the world speaks English (the figure drops for printed media), is it not odd that so many press releases are not translated?
Even within a country, more than one language might be prominent and in these cases, even a press release for a single country might require translation. Going smaller, some communities might prefer a different language and so press releases should be translated for that targeted group.

Press releases are considered a marketing translation services and Axis Translations can assist you with a fast and accurate service.

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