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The people in Ireland speak the Irish language. This language is considered as the most used language for the history of those in Ireland. The majority of people throughout history in Ireland spoke this language, but there are many people who have used the English language in Ireland during the eighteenth century. This language is most notable for the way the language is spoken. Many Irish natives have that Irish accent, and many big celebrities who are from Ireland are very famous for their accents. Many people who have learned this language through a coach have noticed that it is tough to develop an Irish accident and make it sound natural.

How many people speak the Irish language?

In 2006, it was said that nearly 41.9% of the people in Ireland spoke Irish. Only 2% to 3% of the people who are born in Ireland make the language their native language. The majority of the people in Ireland speak English as their main language. It was said that nearly 1 to 2 people out of 5 people in Ireland can speak the language, so there are many people who know how to speak the language. However, it was also noted that only 1 to 2 people out of 20 speak the language everyday.

Is it common to speak Irish nowadays?

After the eighteenth century, thousands of people have stopped speaking the language and teaching it to their children. There are many people who are often shocked at how many residents chose to speak the English language instead, but based on what is usually taught in school, it is definitely good to help make children grow up speaking the original English language. It isn't common for most residents to speak this language anymore, but the adults and some children still speak Irish.

Current Status of Irish 

As of 2007, the Irish language is now considered as the 23rd language of the EU (European Union). The language has been in existence for a very long time, so many people are constantly using this as their main way to succeed. Many people do not take this language seriously and decide not to learn how to speak in Irish, but many parents are now reconsidering teaching their children how to speak the language.

Learning How To Speak Irish

There are many people who are able to speak the language without so much hard work. Thousands of people who speak the language either learned from their parents or learned online through several courses. There are also a wide variety of instructors all across the world who teach this language completely. With so many people who are not speaking the language on a daily basis in Ireland, it is very unnecessary for language instructors to be available in Ireland.

The Irish Language is often not heard of by most tourists who visit Ireland, and there are thousands of different people who are usually shocked at how English is used more often than the original Irish language. The history of this language is very different compared to most other countries that actually use their main language to communicate, but it is the complete opposite with Ireland. The language spoken in Ireland is definitely very different, and there have been quite a lot changes on how people use the Irish language in Ireland.

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