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One of the more interesting subjects you can study if you like history is language. The history of language will take you on a journey through time that can show you the development of civilization and sometimes how humans have treated each other. Hebrew is one of the oldest languages in the world; therefore it is a great starting point for the study of language.

If you want to learn about a biblical history of humans through the study of language; then Hebrew will help you learn what you are looking for. This language has long been considered the language of the Jewish people and if you know the history of religion everything in Christianity begins with the Jewish people. Beginning your journey with the study of Hebrew will give you a great understanding of history through the eyes of the Jewish people.

The Hebrew language was used when writing the Jewish holy book and the Jewish Torah is still written in it today. The Torah, the Jewish holy book is still taught in the original Hebrew and although the language has many different variations it is still taught today. By taking a journey back to the origins of the Jewish religion many people can discover the roots of their religion and why it is the way it is today.

Hebrew is one of the two official languages of Israel, and is used and studied by archaeologists and biblical scholars. Since the language has been altered so many times over the years, it is sometimes difficult to understand by a non-native speaker. Today?s version has elements of the Yiddish language mixed in but it has an official form called Modern Hebrew. This is the form that is most common today.

At different times throughout history the Hebrew language has almost died. As the Jewish people have been persecuted, the language has been banned in many different places. This left only the Jewish people and their desire to keep it alive as its last vestige. It has long been the desire of the Jewish people to not only keep their religion alive, but to preserve their traditions and the Hebrew language has been included.

Imagine someone tells you that you cannot speak a language that is not only your native language, but the language of your holy book. This was done many times to the Jewish people in order to try and stop the spread of the Jewish religion. There have been different points in history where for various reasons; there have been attempts to not only stop the spread of Judaism, but the eradication of the Jewish people. In other words being a Jew has never been easy.

Each time a new group of people have tried to drive out the Hebrew language, the Jewish people have fought to keep it alive. Not letting anyone tell them what to do, these people have refused to let anyone kill the Hebrew language, but they also continue to fight to keep the Jewish religion from ending. Sometimes even with the threat of death.

If you want to understand how a people can go through so much and still survive study Hebrew and its history. You will not only find out about one of the original languages of humans, but you will learn how a people can refuse to let anyone or anything take away their heritage. 

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