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Latin American Spanish

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Latin American Spanish Translation

Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world and translating your company's materials into this language gives you access to substantial markets across the world. Axis Translations offers quality translation from English to Spanish and Spanish to English, including regionally specialized Spanish translation services.

Axis Translations will ensure that you choose the correct Spanish translation service. Different regions of the world speak very different forms of Spanish. You don't want to be embarrassed by using the wrong phrasing for your target market. Axis Translations' Spanish translations can be targeted to Latin American Spanish-speaking audiences. Your business will be professional and respected when you create regionally sensitive material with help from Axis Translations.

Our Latin American Spanish translation service can help you with anything your business needs. We work with web pages, educational materials, and advertisements. Our Latin American Spanish translation services are available for transcriptions, search engine optimization (SEO), medical records, and any other Spanish translations you require. We can even translate entire books into Spanish.

Although Spanish originated in the European country of Spain, the majority of Spanish speakers communicate in Latin American Spanish. Spanish speakers from Latin America can understand most European Spanish, but prefer to use their own vocabulary and grammar. You will most effectively reach your Latin American Spanish-speaking audience if you use Axis Translation Latin American Spanish translation services.

Differences between European and Latin American Spanish

  • Latin American Spanish speakers use English loanwords. For example: Latin American Spanish speakers say "la computadora" while Spaniards say "el ordenador."
  • Latin American Spanish has incorporated words from indigenous languages, especially in Central America and Peru. Axis Translations can tailor your materials to a specific country's vocabulary.
  • European Spanish speakers use loanwords from neighbouring countries like France and Portugal. A Latin American Spanish speaker would have difficulty understanding these words.
  • Spanish speakers may sound as if they have a lisp because they pronounce the letters "z" and "c" differently than Latin Americans.
  • European Spanish speakers use "vosotros" to informally address multiple people, much like Americans from the Southern United States can use the word "y'all." Latin American Spanish speakers use "ustedes" to refer to both formal and informal plural groups.

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Facts about Spanish speakers

  • Almost 400 million people speak Spanish as a native language.
  • Approximately 300 million of these native Spanish speakers use Latin American Spanish
  • 34 million Americans, or 16 percent of the population, speak Spanish at home
  • Over 100 million Mexicans speak Spanish as their native language, meaning more than a quarter of the world's Spanish speakers live in Mexico. Axis Translation services can help you target this important base.