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Professional Arabic Translation

Axis Translations provides professional Arabic translation services that include Arabic into English and English into Arabic. We can also assist with Arabic translations for almost any other language.

Expert Arabic Translation Services

Your Arabic translation will be completed by a native speaker of your target language. This means that a translation into Arabic will be completed by a native speaker of Arabic, whereas a translation from Arabic into English will be completed by an English native speaker. Furthermore all our translators are professionally qualified in Arabic translation, having gained internationally recognized certifications from renowned universities, institutes and academies. They also have in-country experience which ensures an in-depth knowledge of local culture and regional language varieties.

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Arabic Translation Agency

Our language services cover all kinds of situations and our clients range from private individuals to governments. We assist every nature of business and this includes:
Arabic website translation
Translations of sales material into Arabic
Translation of legal contracts to / from Arabic
Arabic translation of manuals and technical documentation

Our Arabic language service is not limited to the translation of documents only. We can also assist with Arabic Transcription and provide Arabic Interpreters on location for meetings, conferences and the courts.

Quick Arabic Language Facts

Arabic has its own alphabet and is written right-to-left. This alphabet is called the abjad script.

Many other languages have adopted Arabic words, particularly in the Islamic world. Languages from Malay to Hausa exhibit Arabic adopted words.

The Arabic language has also greatly assisted European culture, mathematics, philosophy and science during the Middle Ages and so Arabic words have also been adopted by the languages of Europe.

We now have over 200 million first-language speakers of Arabic worldwide, which is about the same as German, French and Italian combined.

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