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Languages We Translate - Languages H, I, J & K

Axis Translations provides language and translation services for all languages and this include transcription and providing interpreters on location. Our translation services cover languages from Hungarian to Hebrew and Kazakh to Kyrgyz. We are able to assist our clients with translation and language services for over 140 languages.

Please find as follows a list of some of the languages that we translate:

Hainan Translation
Hassaniya Translation
Hatian-Creole Translation
Hausa Translation
Hebrew Translation
Hindi Translation
Hindustani Translation
Hmong Translation
Hokkien Translation
Hungarian Translation
Ibo Translation
Icelandic Translation
Igbo Translation
Ilocan Translation
Indonesian Translation
Irish Translation
Italian Translation
Japanese Translation
Javanese Translation
Jewish Translation
Kannada Translation
Kazakh Translation
Kekchi Translation
Khmer Translation
Kikongo Translation
Kikuyu Translation
Kinyarwanda Translation
Kirundi Translation
Kiswahili Translation
Kiswahilior-Swahili Translation
Kosrean Translation
Krio Translation
Kurdish Translation
Kyrgyz Translation

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