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Ziti al sugo di tonno (Ziti with tuna sauce)

Today’s Italian Translation will be of the recipe ‘Ziti al sugo di tonno’, a simple Italian pasta dish that can be cooked in only 20 minutes. You can also create a number of variants for this sauce, normally by adding sliced stoneless olives or capers. We will list the English translation first, then show glossary of some of the key terms before finishing with the source Italian recipe.

English Translation
Ingredients for 4 people
320 gr of ziti
200 gr of tuna in oil
4 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil
1 clove of garlic
300 gr of tomato purée
1 teaspoon of chopped parsley

  1. Put the tuna in a colander and strain. Heat up one spoon of oil in separate pan together with the garlic and sauté until lightly browned. Then remove. Add the chopped tuna and fry briefly, then add the tomato purée, salt, pepper and cook on a low flame for 20 minutes. Keep stirring and add some water if necessary.
  2. In the meantime bring a pot full of salty water to the boil, break the ziti in two and cook for about 10 minutes. Then strain, add to the tuna sauce and stir. Turn off the gas, add the chopped parsley and serve immediately.

As follows is an Italian translation into English of some of the key terms found in this recipe
Tonno – Tuna
Olio – Oil
Aglio – Garlic
Passata - Tomato purée
Prezzemolo - Parsley
Sale – Salt
Pepe - Pepper

Italian Recipe
As follows is the recipe written in again in Italian. This is the original version of the text that we have provided an English translation of above. Please note that our translation may have some added notes to help the user which were not necessary in the Italian version.

Ingredienti per 4 persone
320 gr di ziti
200 gr di tonno sott’olio
4 cucchiai di olio extra vergine di oliva
1 spicchio d’aglio
300 gr di passata di pomodoro
1 cucchiaio di prezzemolo tritato

  1. Mettete il tonno in un colino e fate sgocciolare. In un tegame scaldate l’olio e fatevi dorare l’aglio. Poi eliminatelo. Aggiungete il tonno sminuzzato e rosolatelo per un istante. Quindi versate la passata di pomodoro, aggiungete sale e pepe e cuocete su fuoco basso per 20 minuti. Continuate a mescolare e aggiungete poca acqua se occorre.
  2. Nel frattempo portate a bollore abbondante acqua salata, spezzate gli ziti a metà e cuocete per circa 10 minuti. Scolateli, versateli nel tegame e mischiateli al sugo di tonno. Spegnete il fuoco, cospargete con il prezzemolo tritato e servite subito.

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