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Insalata d’estate con la frutta (Summer salad with fruit)


Summer has finally arrived and mother nature is at its best! The Italian Translation we offer today is based on one of the nicest and freshest products of this season, the watermelon. It’s extremely refreshing and contains only 15 calories per 100 grams, which makes it the lowest calorie fruit ever! It is also perfect for fruit salads, so we have listed a simple Italian recipe and its English translation below. We hope that this will help you achieve the perfect beach body for your Italian holidays!

English Translation

Ingredients for 4 people
200 gr of prickly lettuce
200 gr of ham cut in one slice
1 watermelon
1 green apple
4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
White pepper

  1. Wash and clean 200 gr of prickly lettuce, then dry and cut its leaves into small stripes. Cut 200 gr of ham in a single slice into similar size pieces.
  2. Open a watermelon, peel off the outside skin, remove its pips and chop the flesh into small cubes. Then wash a green apple and slice it finely.
  3. Mix 4 spoons of extra virgin olive oil, the juice of 1 lemon, 1 pinch of salt and add some white pepper.
  4. Pour all the ingredients into a salad bowl, garnish with the condiment and stir well. Then let it rest for a few minutes. You can garnish the mix with 10 washed and dried mint leaves. Then serve.

Below is the Italian translation into English of some of the key terms found in this recipe:
Cocomero - Watermelon
Scarola – Prickly lettuce
Prosciutto – Ham
Mela verde – Green apple
Pepe bianco – White pepper
Olio extra vergine di oliva – Extra virgin olive oil
Sale – Salt
Menta – Mint

Italian Recipe
As follows is the recipe written in again in Italian. This is the original version of the text that we have provided an English translation of above. Please note that our translation may have some added notes to help the user which were not necessary in the Italian version.

Ingredienti per 4 persone
200 g di scarola
200 g di prosciutto cotto in una sola fetta
1 cocomero
1 mela verde
4 cucchiai di olio extravergine di oliva
Pepe bianco

  1. Lavate e pulite 200 g di scarola, asciugatela e tagliate le foglie a listerelle. Tagliate una fetta di prosciutto cotto da 200 g in pezzi di grandezza simile.
  2. Aprite 1 cocomero, eliminate la buccia esterna, i semi e tagliate la polpa a cubetti. Tagliate a fettine sottili 1 mela verde dopo averla lavata.
  3. Emulsionate 4 cucchiai di olio extra vergine di oliva, il succo di 1 limone, 1 pizzico di sale e spolverizzate con pepe bianco.
  4. Versate tutti gli ingredienti in un’insalatiera, condite con l’emulsione preparata e amalgamate. Poi lasciate insaporire per qualche minuto. Potete guarnire l’insalata con 10 foglioline di menta pr ecedentemente lavate e asciugate. Infine portate in tavola e servite.

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