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Timballo di riso al forno con melanzane (Rice and aubergine bake)

Here is a perfect Italian autumn recipe. Today we offer you the Italian Translation of ‘Timballo di riso al forno con melanzane’, a typical Italian bake that will help you warm up on colder nights. Remember not to wash the rice under cold water when preparing this bake: the starch will prevent this bake from being too crumbly and make it easier to cut and serve. We will list the English translation first, then show glossary of some of the key terms before finishing with the source Italian recipe.

English Translation
Ingredients for 4 people
200 gr of parboiled rice
2 aubergines
6 plum tomatoes
250 gr of mozzarella
50 gr of grated parmesan
frying oil

  1. Wash the aubergines, dry and cut into 3-4 mm thick slices. Heat up some oil in a pan and fry the aubergines until golden. Then strain with a holed ladle and leave to dry on some kitchen paper.
  2. Boil the rice in abundant salty boiling water, drain once it’s reached two thirds of its cooking time and leave to cool down. Slice the mozzarella and wash and cut 12-15 basil leaves. Then wash and cut the tomatoes into thin slices.
  3. Cover the bottom of a baking tray with a layer of aubergines, add salt, cover with rice, tomatoes, parmesan and mozzarella. Repeat the layers and add basil until you run out of ingredients. Bake in a preheated oven at 180° for 25 minutes and serve warm or cold.

As follows is an Italian translation into English of some of the key terms found in this recipe Pomodoro – Tomato Patata – Potato Cipolla - Onion Aglio – Garlic Pangrattato – Bread crumbs Parmigiano - Parmesan Vino bianco – White wine Brodo vegetale – Vegetable stock Olio extra vergine d’oliva – Extra virgin olive oil Sale – Salt Pepe - Pepper

Italian Recipe
As follows is the recipe written in again in Italian. This is the original version of the text that we have provided an English translation of above. Please note that our translation may have some added notes to help the user which were not necessary in the Italian version.

Ingredienti per 4 persone
200 gr di riso parboiled
2 melanzane
6 pomodori perini
250 gr di mozzarella
50 gr di parmigiano grattugiato
olio per friggere

  1. Lavate le melanzane, asciugatele e tagliatele a fette di 3-4 mm. Scaldate dell’olio in una padella e friggete le melanzane finché sono dorate. Scolatele con un mestolo forato e asciugatele sulla carta assorbente.
  2. Lessate il riso in abbondante acqua bollente salata, scolatelo quando sarà ai due terzi della cottura e lasciatelo raffreddare. Affettate la mozzarella e lavate e tagliate 12-15 foglie di basilico. Quindi lavate i pomodori e tagliateli a fette sottili.
  3. Coprite il fondo di una pirofila con uno strato di melanzane, salate e coprite con riso, pomodori, parmigiano e mozzarella. Ripetete gli strati e aggiungete il basilico, finché gli ingredienti saranno esauriti. Cuocete in forno preriscaldato a 180° per 25 minuti e servite tiepida o fredda.

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