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An Italian Soup – From a restaurant in Orvieto (Umbria)

We recently received a request for an Italian recipe translation from a couple who had enjoyed a holiday in the wonderful region of Umbria.

Dolly Wrote: ‘My husband and I just returned from Italy and had this fabulous soup in a restaurant in Orvieto.  My husband asked the chef for the recipe before we left and he actually wrote it down for us. But of course we cannot translate since we know no Italian. I am very anxious to try this recipe. Everyone in the restaurant who was eating this soup loved it.

The Italian version

Fagioli lessi

(Tagliare) Tutto in piccoli pezzi
Fare cuocere (a pentola) coperta
Aggiungere acqua
E far cuocere fino a cottura delle verdure

Aggiungere pomodoro e poi aggiungere i fagioli lessi
Far bollire lentamente
Per circa 1 ora

*The recipe was handwritten and Dolly typed it. The version above does have some corrections. We have added some words in brackets to assist with the context.

The Italian-English Translation
Celery - Sedano
Carrot - Carota
Onion - Cipolla
Olive Oil - Olio
Spinach - Spinaci
Potatoes – Patate
Tomato – Pomodoro
*Baked beans – Fagioli lessi - *’Fagioli lessi’ refers to beans that have already been cooked.

Everything cut into small pieces – (Tagliare) Tutto in piccoli pezzi
Cook covered - Fare cuocere (a pentola) coperta
Add water - Aggiungere acqua
And simmer until all vegetables are cooked - E far cuocere fino a cottura delle verdure

Add the tomato and then add baked beans - Aggiungere pomodoro e poi aggiungere
i fagioli lessi
Simmer on a low flame - Far bollire lentamente
For about 1 hour - Per circa 1 ora

They have not mentioned seasoning or listed the quantities, so some experimentation will be required. We would also expect some fresh herbs to be included. We hope to receive feedback on the quantities that worked best for you at home.

This Italian recipe translation might help Dolly to recreate part of her Italian holiday at home. We hope to hear from Dolly on how things went and maybe even a photo!