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Italian Translation of Recipes Blog

Our team are truly passionate about Italian food and the Italian language. On this basis we have decided to combine these 2 subjects and provide a blog listing authentic Italian recipes. With the help of our Italian translation team we will be providing an English translation of recipes written in the Italian language. Both versions will be made available.

We hope that this will be interesting for those interested in Italian food and those studying the Italian language. After all, one of the things that attracts people to Italian culture is the food!

Submit your Recipe for a free translation! Yes, we also encourage you to email us with your recipes. We will be happy to translate the recipe into English for free, as long as we are allowed to add the completed translation to our website. You can email these to us at info@axistranslations.com and please mention that you have seen this offer.

Please keep checking our website as we will be adding new recipes regularly.

The Recipes:

0025 - Parmigiana di zucchine - Courgette parmigiana

0024 - Involtini di melanzane grigliate - Grilled Aubergine Rolls

0023 - Carbonara con carciofi - Carbonara with artichokes

0022 - Tortino di alici e pomodorini - Timbale with anchovies and cherry tomatoes

0021 - Cous cous and peppers croquettes

0020 - Insalata d'estate con la frutta (Summer salad with fruit)

0019 - Mezze maniche al cavolfiore (Mezze maniche with cauliflower)

0018 - Risotto al tonno (Tuna risotto)

0017 - An Italian Soup, From a restaurant in Orvieto (Umbria)

0016 - Sedanini in rosa e verde (Pink and green sedanini)

0015 - Timballo di riso al forno con melanzane (Rice and aubergine bake)

0014 - Gratin di pomodori, patate e cipolle (Tomatoes, potatoes and onions au gratin)

0013 - Involtini ripieni di salsiccia (Sausage wraps)

0012 - Sgombri in salsa aromatica (Aromatic mackerels)

0011 - Involtini di melanzana (Aubergine rolls)

0010 - Pasta con broccoli e acciughe (Pasta with broccoli and anchovies)

0009 - Coniglio ai peperoni (Rabbit with peppers)

0008 - Spaghetti croccanti con pomodoro e mozzarella (Crispy spaghetti with tomoatoes and mozzarella cheese)

0007 - Ziti al sugo di tonno (Ziti with tuna sauce)

0006 - Frittata di salsiccia e cipolle (Sausage and onion omelette)

0005 - Insalata tiepida di mare (Warm seafood salad)

0004 - Pomodori ripieni al riso (Rice stuffed tomatoes)

0003 - Bruschetta al pomodoro (Bruschetta with tomatoes)

0002 - Insalata di pasta fredda (Cold pasta salad)

0001 - Tagliatelle verdi al prosciutto (Green tagliatelle with ham)