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Translation & Interpreting in the News

Please find below news & articles on translation and interpreting.

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General Translation Topics
Machinery Manual Translation
Arabic Translation to Reach New Clients
Russian Translation for Sport
Russian Translation for Legal Documents
Google Adwords Translation
Cost of Translation Errors - Clothing and Fashion
Fighting Crime with Translation Assistance
Spanish Translation for a Dream Home - Taking Advantage of the Economic Crisis in Spain
Translation of Product Packaging – Importation
Translations for Graphic Design
Translations and Death: Wills to Death Certificates
Taking Advantage of the Economic Crisis with Translation Services
Importance of Translation for Fashion
Translation Solutions by Axis Translations Ltd
Language Translation of the EU's Official Languages
Translation for News Agencies
Translations for Android Applications
Armenia and Armenian Translation
Language Translations for Christmas
Requirements for Russian Translation
Translation within the EU
Spanish Property Translations - The Crisis Provides Cheap Homes
Translation Happens Between, Among, and With
Architecture and Language Translation
Translation to help Television News Broadcasts
Skiing Accident? Translations for Insurance Claims
Overview of Russian Technical Translation Services for the Oil and Gas Industry
Hiring the Right Technical Translator
Enjoy Online Success with Italian Website Translation
An Overview of English-Chinese Translation
Chinese Translation and Global Marketing
Why Translate Your Website into French?
Difficulties of Russian Translation
The Importance of Website Translation
Misconceptions about Translations
Understanding Medical Translation
Tips for Finding a Good Japanese Translation Service
The Importance of High Quality Translation
The Difference Between Translation and Interpretation
Why Translate Into Welsh?
Overcome the Language Barrier With a Portuguese Translation Service
Eliminate Errors In Your Advertising Campaigns With A Language Translation Services
Break Into the Danish Market With Danish Translation Services
Italian Translation of Recipes Blog
Advantages of Using a Danish Translation Service
Italian Translation and the Fantastic Opportunity to Cover the Italian Market
Purchase from Source with a Language Translation Service
The Importance of Interpreters for International Business Meetings
Translation from Italian
Uses of English Transcription Services
Market your business internationally with the translation of brochures
Language Translation Services for Sales Brochures
Language Translations Services for Overseas Property
Legal Translation Services for Insurance Claims
Legal Translation - Avoid Confusion/Disputes By Translating the Initial 'Heads of Terms' Document
Welsh Translation - Choose the best for your work
Machine Translation - Definition
Translator - Definition
Translation Process
Translation Application Guide
Bible Translation
Mandarin Translation - Increase your business chances
Fan Translation
First Language / Mother Tongue
Interpreter - Definition
Translation of Law into other European Languages
Translation Process
Translation Studies
Translation Unit
What is Translation?
Technical Translations for Health & Safety
Importance of Reputation in the Translations Industry
Interpreters, translators play vital but different roles
Translation Application Advice - A guide for freelance translators
Italian Translation - The Perfect Option for Expansion
Website Translation - Make your website understandable to an international audience
French Translation: A Brilliant Option when Developing your Business / Market
Legal Translation
Italian Translation – Obtain the correct service
Russian Translation - grow with the language
Articles By Translators
Does Juliet's Rose Smell as Sweet....
What's in a Name?
CAT Tools & Productivity
Translations for Business
Translation of Internal Reports
Translation of Menus for Tourism
Website Translation for Worldwide Business Expansion
Translation of business documents for international partnerships and clients
Use a language translation service to breakdown business barriers
Translation of Italian - Get the right service
Translation For the Individual
Translation Italian Recipes
The Seasons - Italian Translation into English
Days & Months - Italian Translation into English
Italian Translation of Basic Expressions
Portuguese Translation of Basic Expressions
CV Translation
European Association for Machine Translation
International Federation of Translators
Translations in the News
Health Department uses interpreters to eliminate language barriers
East Asian Languages
European Languages
Germanic Languages
Indo-European Languages
Language Families
Languages of India, Listed by total speakers
Languages of India
Languages of the European Union
National Languages of India
Slavic Languages
Romance Languages
List of multilingual countries and regions
General Topics
Englishman in an Increasingly Italian World
Italian Buy to Let
Machine Translation
Machine Translation vs Human Translation
Machine Translation - Definition
Dictionary Based Machine Translation
Example Based Machine Translation
Statistical Machine Translation
Interlingual Machine Translation
History of Machine Translation
Translation Memory
European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT)
CAT(Computer Aided Translation) Tools & Productivity
Interpreters Needed