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Translation Services London

London is a truly international city as can be seen in the streets, businesses and restaurants of the UK’s capital city. Its population continues to grow as it is an international magnet for talent.

Axis Translations offers a full range of language translation services in London for over 140 languages. This includes Interpreters in London for business and legal situations. In fact, it is not uncommon to find an Axis Translations court interpreter involved in many high-profile cases.

London and Axis Translations look forward to a bright future.

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English! How about the other languages of the UK? – Part 2

Following on from Part 1, we also have the newer languages of the UK. Being so many, we will not list them all.

Polish – In first position as the most spoken immigrant language of the UK is Polish. It is spoken by about 1% of the population and has 546,000 speakers. With Polish being such an important language, Axis Translations can assist you with professional Polish translations.

Over 200,000 speakers – Punjabi 273k, Urdu 269k, Bengali 221k, Gujarati 213k

Over 100,000 speakers – Arabic 159k, French 147k, Chinese 141k, Portuguese 133k, Spanish 120k and Tamil 101k

Over 50,000 speakers – Turkish, Italian, Somali, Lithuanian, German, Persian, the Philippine languages of Tagalog and Cebuano, last on the list is Romanian with 68k speakers.

Axis Translation can assist with professional translation services for all these languages. Considering the numbers, perhaps a translation into these languages will offer a competitive edge in reaching more clients within the United Kingdom.

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English! How about the other languages of the UK? – Part 1

When people think of the UK they think of the English language. That’s correct, but it is not the only language spoken. In fact, in a 2015 report, over 300 different languages were identified in British classrooms and many schools have a majority of students speaking another language.

Before we get into that, please also consider that English is not the only ‘native’ language of the UK. Yes, it is spoken by 98% of the population, but there are in fact 14 indigenous languages spoken in the British Isles. One of these is Welsh and that’s one of the reason Axis Translations is kept busy with providing professional Welsh translation services.

How about Scotland? Approximately 1.5 million people speak Scots, but there is debate over whether this is a language in its own right or an English variety.

The United Kingdom has the three Crown dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. They also offer languages, but are not actually part of the UK.

Other UK languages include Angloromani with 90k speakers, Irish Gaelic/Celtic with 95k speakers, Cornish Celtic 557 and Shelta 30k. We could also include the 125k speakers of sign language.

More info will follow in Part 2.

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Professional Translation for Exhibitors

When businesses exhibit at international trade shows around the world, they may need professional translations of their documents to cater to the mother language of whichever country their next show is in. Trade shows and exhibitions are great opportunities for businesses to show off their products and services. There are thousands of shows like this that take place all around the world every year, attracting all kinds of businesses that have something new to bring to the table.

Of course, if you’re attending an international trade show, it’s extremely likely that you could find yourself in a country that doesn’t quite grasp your first language. Even if you can’t communicate past a few words, having all of your documents and material translated for other exhibition attendees can show your company in a friendlier and more professional light.

Imagine that a client comes up to your stand interested in your product. You may not be able to converse with them, but if you could point them towards your documentation which contained explanations about your product and its uses in their language, you could still make a sale to an attendee, or even impress a potential business partner who is looking for their next big investment.

Without the translations of your documents and other show materials, you may find that your stand or stall doesn’t get as many visitors. The main aim of a trade show is to spread the word about your business and really highlight the services and products that you can offer to people outside of your usual clientele.

If you want your business to flourish in new markets, then having a professional translator translate your business material is really the best way forward. A professional translation service will be able to take any of your documents that contain text and replace them with fully translated text that your new, potential customers and business partners will be able to read with ease. When your business is looking to expand internationally for the first time, there will definitely be a few obstacles in the way that a professional translation service can help you overcome.

If your business happens to have a foot in the door of an international market, you may already be dealing with companies that communicate in a range of other languages. Consequently, it is vital for the preservation of your business’ reputation and interests that your translation service provider is a language expert who has experience in translating into a range of languages for business needs.

A company that is willing to spend the time and resources having their business documents translated into multiple languages is more likely to find international clients and partners that are willing to work with them from the get go. By showing that you’re interested in communicating worldwide, you can build strong relationships with other enterprises both at home and abroad – wherever your business ventures end up taking you after you’ve shown your products and services to an international audience.

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Translations of Languages within Game of Thrones

Even if you speak English you will find subtitles in Game of Thrones. Why is this the case for an English language series? Because languages have been created for characters within the series.

The key translator in the series in Missandei, who begins as a slave translator in episode 1 of season 3.

So language translation has still been a challenge for the actors. They must know the meaning of the words so as to be able to act accordingly, but the words they speak only exist within Game of Thrones.

The only question I have is whether scenes were ever given another take due to pronunciation?

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The British and Foreign Languages

A recent EU survey found that of British adults of working-age only 11.5 percent said they were proficient in a foreign language. The results are worse when we consider that these figures will include British nationals who had a foreign language at home.

However, are the results a sign of laziness or lack of the need to speak another language?

Laziness will always play a part. If learning languages was as easy as Keanu Reeves learned King Fu in the film ‘The Matrix’ we would all be adding new languages for every requirement. The struggle to overcome the difficulty in learning a new language has to be driven by either passion for languages or a necessity to use the language. Let’s consider ‘necessity’.

Borders – Great Britain is surrounded by the sea and this geological border is between us and speakers of other languages. In Europe a person will be only a car journey away from another language and that journey might be only a few minutes. Certainly those in border towns tend to speak both languages.

English is an International Language – When a British person goes on holiday he will normally find that people can easily assist him in English and English translations will exist for most of the things he needs, including an English translation for tour guides. Not all the translations the British tourist faces will have been made by a professional translation agency and so the quality of these translations will vary.

TV – Either a great film of TV series will be remade in English or it will automatically be dubbed or subtitles. The former is more normal.

Trade – English is a key business language and so trade normally offers an English option.

In summary, more British people would speak another language if it were necessary for them to do so.


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Growth of Foreign Languages on English Speaking TV

Traditionally, English speaking TV exists with the cast speaking English. The reverse cannot be said when we visit other countries and so many English language series are subtitled or dubbed for the foreign market. In fact, people have grown up associating a voice to a star which is not actually theirs.

In recent times this has changed and here are some recent examples:

NARCOS – This is an American TV production largely based in Colombia about such drug traffickers as Pablo Escobar. In this series Spanish, the language of Colombia, is spoken and given English subtitles. It is a great series that mixes fact with fiction that has been a huge success in the English speaking world.

Vikings – The name already explains the subject matter for this series. In this series the Vikings visit/raid a variety of places (I won’t name them to avoid spoilers) and subtitles are frequently used. The Vikings mainly speak in English, but there are many scenes where they are also subtitled so as to ensure the audience understands that not everyone in that scene understands what is being said.

Going further, the rise of TV-On-Demand provided by such companies as NetFlix is now increasing the volume of subtitled and dubbed English, but also goes further. A hit series in another country would often be translated and reproduced in English, but now an increasing number of non-English series are being subtitled or dubbed and provided directly to English speaking audiences. One example of this is the Spanish series ‘La Casa di Carta’ or ‘Money Heist’ concerning a robbery on the Spanish mint.

Will this trend continue or will there be a backlash followed by a return to full English translation? This depends on the audience and so far the audience does support the trend.


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EU Languages and Brexit

some time ago an article was added about the languages of the EU and English is currently one of those languages. This involves teams of English translators being employed by the EU to cover a long list of combinations of languages. English can also be considered a common language in the EU as it is understood fluently by many there although it is not their native language.

However, will English remain in the EU post-Brexit? Strictly speaking, English will no longer be the language of any of the nations. However, English retains it’s value of being a common language within the EU and for international trade. The question is whether politics is more important than practical application. The English interpreters in the EU must be asking themselves this question.

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Google Adwords Translation Update

A new article has been added to the website about translation for Adwords campaigns. Please note that from 24th July Google Adwords will become known as Google Ads.

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June 29, 2018 | Business Translation, Website Translation | No Comments »

Google Adwords Translator

Adwords is basically paid for adverts that appear in the search results on Google. Similar products exist for almost all other search engines. The advertiser bids for selected keyword phrases like ‘London Russian Translator” with the aim that their advert will appear for a relevant searcher.

As many websites are multilingual and target a multilingual client base, the adverts also need to be translated. Seeing as it’s Google, you might think that the Google Online Translator is the solution, but you would be wrong. Firstly, that translation tool does not consider context and so can return some awful translations. The second biggest issues is that there are character restrictions for the adverts.
The character limits include spaces and are currently (2018) as follows:
Headline 1 – 30 characters
Headline 2 – 30 characters
Description – 80 characters
Each of the headlines will be separated by a dash ‘-’.

Taking the example from above of ‘London Russian Translator’ this could be a the advert:
London Russian Translator – Russian Translations In London (26 and 30 characters)
High quality Russian translations in London by professionals. All languages. (76 characters)

The problem is that most languages require more characters than English and Adwords does not offer a proportional increase. Let’s see what Google translate makes of the final sentence:
1) Italian Translation: “Traduzioni russe di alta qualità a Londra da parte di professionisti. Tutte le lingue.” That’s 86 characters and breaks the limit.
2) French Translation: “Traductions russes de haute qualité à Londres par des professionnels. Toutes les langues.” 89 characters and breaks the limit.
3) Portuguese Translations: “Traduções russas de alta qualidade em Londres por profissionais. Todas as línguas.” 82 characters and breaks the limit.

This is where professional translation practices come in to play. A high quality translation agency will ensure that your translations are completed by a selected team of their staff and this team will build up knowledge of your business through the translations they have completed and their research into your company. This knowledge will then apply to your adverts.

The translator will understand the character restrictions, but be better placed to consider the best words for SEO purposes for your target market. This means they will be in the best position to edit your advert to meet your objectives and Googles Character restrictions.

For assistance with translations for Pay-per-click and AdWords campaigns, SEO based translation services or even Russian translations in London, try Axis Translations. www.axistranslations.com

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