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Countries that Speak French

When it comes to languages, then French is actually one of the more widely spoken languages in the world. It might not be as widely spread as Spanish, and certainly not as much as English, but you would be surprised at where French might well pop up.




Obviously the big one is France itself. The language here is very well protected and there is an official French dictionary that only contains words that are approved as being French. Like any language, it evolves over time, and in particular picks up influences from other nations that it deals with on a regular basis, but the French like to keep their language pure  and there are a lot of words that are in common use but don’t make it into the official language.


The Official Language of Twenty Nine Countries


That is correct French is the official Language of 29 different countries throughout the world. The biggest speak of French is not actually France, which only ranks second on the list. The Democratic Republic of Congo is the biggest French speaking country in the world with a population of close to 84M then that is a third larger than France. So it is definitely a countries that you would want to know French in.


After France, then the next biggest French speaking population is of course in Canada. French is the first official language in a number of the different states of Canada, most notably Quebec, though there are several other provinces where French is the first language. It certainly is not unusual to see information provided in just French in some of these places, though English is generally widely spoken as well.


African Countries


French is a big language for a large number of African Countries as well. Obviously we have already mentioned the DRC which is the biggest speaker of French, but countries like Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal. All count French as their primary language. Many other countries in the same region as those also use French as their primary language, in total 21 out of the 29 countries that use French as their first language are based in Africa.


The Rest of the World


Outside of Africa, you have countries like Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg that all have French as a first language, though this is of little surprise given that they all border France. Monaco also has French as a primary language. Further afield, in North America you have Haiti where French is a primary language, and this is perhaps because of the Creole influence that features heavily there. Then you have the tiny island nation of Vanuatu that is the only non-French colony in Oceana that has French as a primary language.




There are actually 84 nations that share the official use or teaching of French and these make up the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie. Which means you are more likely to hear French spoken across the world than you would ordinarily think.

Working with French Speaking Countries by French Translation

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