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Audio Translations for Evidence

When it comes to the preparation of legal documents this can be a very tricky and painstaking process. Everything needs to be done to an exceptionally high standard. Any defect in the process can lead to miscarriages of justice happening. Whether this is an innocent person going to jail, or a guilty person walking free. Then it is important to make sure that any work that is going to be used as evidence is exact.


Two-Stage Process

When it comes to audio recordings in a foreign language then this can be twice as tricky. It can be hard enough transcribing audio recordings in our own language, let alone when it is done from a foreign language. The exacting nature of evidence in order do justice means that you need a very professional legal translation service and they may do the translation work in two stages. They would first do an exact transcription in the original language of the recording, normally by a native speaker of the language spoken. Once they have this in text format, they would then translate the written word into the target language. Working in this way means that the work can be more precise.


Officially Recognised

When it comes to translation work for court proceedings then it needs to be presented by someone whose credentials are above reproach. The court will want to know all about the legal translator, and this will include the qualifications and professional legal translation experience of the translator. This means that you need someone with the correct professional experience. Legal translators can be called into court to explain themselves so they must be used to that situation.


Expert Witnesses

Legal translators are known as expert witnesses in court, and this means that they have to provide a certification of their work that sets out that they have made an exact translation without them interpreting or changing the work they present. This takes the form of a witness statement that certifies their work. If there is any question about the work, then the legal translator can be called into court and questioned. If there are problems then the translator can be charged with perverting the course of justice, so it is important that you get someone who is a legal translation professional with a great background


Justice Served

The importance of audio recordings cannot be understated when it comes to justice. It could be that the critical piece of evidence or a confession was recorded when the suspect thought that no one would be able to understand what they have said. Therefore, it is a very important aspect of the justice process. Convictions have been made as a result of an offhand comment made in another language by people who thought they were being clever. Additionally, if a defendant is relying on an audio recording to prove their innocence problems with the translation could result in justice being incorrectly applied.


You must choose a reputable company when it comes to translating audio evidence. Our company has specialists who can translate and be expert witnesses to assist your court proceedings. Consider Axis Translations for your language translation services.

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