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Professional Greek Translations For Business Success

There are many businesses out there that can benefit from using translation services, and not just for the markets they currently work out of. The new star on the block for investment is Greece, and there are ways you can utilise professional Greek translations to generate a substantial amount of profit.

Why invest in Greece?

If you’ve never thought of expanding your business out to Greece, it’s time to start considering it. As an EU member state with easy access to southeast Europe, the Middle East and countries around the Black Sea, it’s easy to see why so many UK and US companies choose Greece to conduct their business.

Greece’s ongoing sovereign debt crisis continues to affect growth in the Greek economy, meaning it offers bargain price investments for business and property. Not to mention the close educational and cultural links between the UK/US and Greece, and the fact that British and American goods are usually well received.

The strengths of the Greek market continue to grow rapidly, despite the hit on the economy causing lower prices and greater profit for business. Over 20 million tourists visit Greece every year, it’s rich in natural resources, has a highly educated and skilled workforce, and as a bonus, low labour costs. For those looking for business success, Greece is a no-brainer.

The Greek business culture

As one of the cradles of European civilization, Greece is very proud of its culture. Family, loyalty, and trust are at the core of Greek business culture. Since tourism provides the backbone of Greek economy, people are usually open and warm to foreigners, receiving them with the famous Greek hospitality. Learning the basics of Greek business culture will help you build a successful relationship with your Greek partners.

The next step

If you have made the decision to take the step into Greek investment, the next task is to ensure all your professional documents, contracts, and papers are accurately and efficiently translated into Greek. The greatest solution is a professional Greek translation service.

Using a professional translation service which are experienced in translating from English to Greek and vice versa is advantageous for the following reasons:

1. No embarrassing errors
Using automated services or Google Translate can cause mistakes due to multiple meanings of the same word. With a professional translation, you know care was taken over every sentence to ensure there are no mistakes.
2. The expertise you get from trained linguists
Besides studying languages, the people handling your texts have studied translation. They know how to deal with those cultural issues and words with multiple meanings that quick translators can’t handle. The fact that your professional translator is qualified also means they’re faster than someone doing translation in their spare time.
3. Confidentiality
It may be that the texts your business needs to translate are commercially sensitive or need to remain confidential. Using Google translate doesn’t ensure that information is kept confidential. The same goes for a translator who isn’t a professional and who isn’t bound by codes of conduct. Confidential translations can be the most important factor.
4. Consistency
Trained linguists are also well versed in ensuring consistency throughout your text. This is important if you’re going to reuse and recycle texts in different ways. You don’t want embarrassing inconsistencies bringing the brand image down.

We’re confident that with the right help, your business could grow rapidly in Greece, generating profit at an incredible rate, and for a translation service which will assist you at every step, we’re here to help. Choose Axis Translations for your Greek translation service.

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