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The Importance of Translation in the Tourism Industry

It’s often understood that those visiting a different country can come up against some language issues when speaking with the locals, but the tourism industry has become one where language matters.

Tourism is like any other industry in that it must rely on repeat custom to keep moving forward. The concept of a good holiday can be subjective in some instances, but it often comes down to ensuring that customers are getting all they expect in relation to a holiday, if not a little more.

A recent example of this has been seen in China, where the complex nature of Chinese translation has meant there have been some misfires in relation to signage for foreign visitors.

Of course, many will just take this for what it is, and even see the funny side in most instances. However, the fact that the signs were being misunderstood became a major concern, as the Chinese government was concerned that people may find that their experience is hindered when visiting China.

This has led China to enforce a better translation service being put in place that doesn’t seem out of context when read. The problem China faced in relation to translation was using verbatim translations as seen on Google Translate, so the right message wasn’t always being delivered.

How Should Translation Be Applied in the Tourism Industry
The reason why translation has become so prevalent in the tourism industry is that different countries will want to embrace visitors from afar and ensure that they’re able to enjoy their stay without it being hindered by language barriers.

Of course, the translation services needed can depend on the country and the nature of the business, but it remains clear that an effective translation solution can benefit both tourists and as well as businesses that operate within the tourism sector.

Working in the Right Way with Translation in the Tourism Industry
Given the importance of translation in the tourism industry, it stands to reason that the right approach must be used from the outset. As advised, there is no benefit in taking shortcuts when it comes to translations, as it can be a costly mistake to fix.

Regardless of whether you’re a holiday provider offering deals all over the world, or a popular destination in a tourist hotspot, being familiar with where the tourists are coming from in tandem with a professional translation service can ensure that you’re primed for success when operating in the tourism sector.

Working with a professional translation company ensures that those operating in the tourism industry can offer a first-class service where all details of the holiday are clearly translated, be it online content or travel brochures.

The requirement for professional translation has become evident in several different sectors, and the tourism industry is no different. It may seem easier to translate basic paragraphs using an online translator in the first instance, but this can often mean the wrong foundations are laid.

Using a professional translation service from the outset ensures that regardless of your position in the tourism industry you will be offering a service that’s second-to-none.

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