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Confidential Translations and Technology – Part 2

In Part 1 a brief outline was given of professional translation confidentiality. This was the situation that applied in the early days of computing, but the technology issues are outlined in this post.

Computing technology of today has evolved. The first part was networking computers in an office on a LAN, which made it faster to move and share documents between computers in an office. However, was this progress for translation confidentiality? If we look at cases of hacking, access to the LAN from a security breach is possible. At this point the hacker can potentially access all the computers on the LAN.

The next phase is Cloud computing. The computers in the office might still be on a LAN, but now files are stored off-site in ‘the Cloud’. Considering modes of attack, perhaps a hacker might find it more exciting to hack a Cloud and see what interesting information they can find than rather than targeting a seemingly boring translation agency? It’s possible, but it also can be argued that it offers other options for breaches to obtain the information they seek.

So how do you avoid the reduced security of cloud and LAN computing? Two main options exist: 1) Have regular audits of the systems to ensure the security controls are up to date. You obviously also need to change the details as staff members change. 2) Avoid LANS and Cloud computing for your translations.

Seems a crazy idea, but a standalone computer is like a castle with a moat around it compared with the newer systems. It can still potentially be breached, but that’s one computer and not them all. Documents could be transferred between computers by email, but a USB (if controlled) offers greater security.

Unlike the rest, Axis Translations offers confidentiality for all its requests and translators. Contact us today for a professional confidential translation service.

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