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Confidential Translation

What is the difference between a confidential translation and a non-confidential translation? All translations are confidential unless permission has been specifically granted to disclose information about the translation and/or client. The information that can be disclosed is then specific.

Unless given specific approval (preferable in writing) the following information should be kept confidential:
1) The source document and the translation.
2) Any reference material
3) The translators involvement with the clients translations.
4) The translators involvements with the translation agency that employs their services.
5) Any details found with the documents.
6) Any details discovered through the translators involvement with the client.

The role of a translator is similar to a doctor in that both offer those they assist confidentially without any agreement needing to be signed or the subject even discussed. This rule applies regardless of if the translator is in London or Lagos.

All translation is confidential – unless you have specifically requested and received permission for this not to be the case.

For confidential translation services from a UK based supplier, contact Axis Translations.

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