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A partner you can trust with your Swedish translations

Swedish is one of the many languages we handle at Axis Translations.

Are you targeting new markets in Sweden?
Translating your documents and website into Swedish is an essential step if you’re looking to appeal to Swedes at home.

While English is widely spoken throughout Scandinavia, clients and customers in these markets appreciate and reward companies that make an effort to reach them on their own terms, in their own language.

Our translators help you confidently articulate your business in a way that understands and respects the cultural nuances of operating in Sweden.

Localisation makes sure that your customers understand every word on your website – wherever they are in the world. Even more importantly, it enables them to interact with all its services and features. By localising for your target market, you can improve engagement, increase conversions and provide a seamless customer experience.

About Sweden
Swedish Translation is very much requested not only in Sweden, but also in other European countries and in the USA too. The translation from Swedish to English is one of the most sought after on the web as the Swedish to English translations are very much requested across Europe.

Sweden is a country of innovations and technologies, both in engineering, exact science and social science. Many new projects, which are planned for integration in other countries, have been implemented in Sweden. A cash-free society for example, is being currently implemented.

A lot of engineering and bio-tech projects are emerging in the country and it hosts a lot of international companies with branches all across the world in various sectors, from Marketing and Business to Telecom, IT and Pharmacy.

The abundance of potential in the country and the concentration of industrial offices and headquarters makes it absolutely necessary to translate Swedish text to other languages for brand awareness overseas.

About the language
Swedish is a North Germanic language spoken by more than nine and a half million people, predominantly in Sweden and parts of Finland, where it has equal legal standing with Finnish and is mostly spoken along the coast and in the autonomous province of the Åland Islands.

The Swedish alphabet has 29 letters, including three that do not feature in the English alphabet: å, ä and ö.

Trust our language professionals with the translation of your Swedish documents
Experience makes all the difference. For English-Swedish translation, we specialise in several areas: business translation, marketing translation, web content translation, technical translation and the translation of IT documents.

Whatever the subject field, we have a team of trusted, specialised Swedish translators you can rely on.

Quality-first professional translation services
We believe that quality always comes first. We make every effort to ensure that you’re confident entrusting us with the translation of your documents.

We want you to be so happy with the service that you recommend us to others. We pride ourselves on our reputation for industry-leading translation services at competitive rates.

In addition to Swedish, we cover all the major global languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish as well as many others.

Whatever your translation needs, you can rest assured that our quick response and seamless project delivery will be fast, thorough and professional.

Get in touch to discuss how we can assist with your unique English to Swedish/Swedish to English translation needs.

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