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Translating of Engineering Manuals: The Importance of Using the Right Service

There will have been a time when someone has had to use instructions that are not in their native language but when being used for furniture and appliances, many will find that they’re able to find the way around the issue without much hindrance.
However, when it comes to the more complicated subject matter, it’s important that the information on offer is not only readable but also easy to understand in a contextual way. There are many funnels to the world of engineering, and one simple mistake could have ramifications for several operations.
Not only does the manual need to be useable by those within the engineering industry, but the same needs to be relayed in the right way, which is where the importance of professional engineering translations comes into play.
Those unfamiliar with translation services may assume that free online services will suffice and while they can offer some form of context, it can be very difficult to understand, which could mean that the roles dictated in the manuals aren’t being carried out as such, which could have a series of ramifications.
As such, it’s important to ensure that the right professional service is put in place when it comes to translating any form of engineering documentation.

The Consequences of Poor Translation in the Engineering Sector

It’s easy to assume that the use of poor translation can simply mean simple misunderstanding, but there are times when the consequences can be more severe, often impacting the bottom line of the business.
Simply relying on online translation services could mean that although a translation has been carried out, it’s not likely to portray the information in a clear way to those who speak the language natively, which can mean there is potential for a lot of confusion to occur.
As well as leading to system failures the use of poor translation in the engineering sector could also lead to damaged equipment and even fatal accidents in some instances.

What Type of Engineering Manuals Can Be Translated?

The definition of engineering can be broad, and those that operate within the engineering sector will now how much documentation there can be. As such, those that employ the services of the Axis Translations Team can use the translation service for a series of different engineering works which include but aren’t limited to the following:
• Engineering Specifications
• Bill of Materials
• Operating Manuals
• Safety Manuals
• Marketing Materials
• Technical Materials
• CAD Drawings
Those looking to ensure that the engineering manuals are translated in the right way can be confident that only reliable and reputable experts are used that have years of experience in both translation and the field of engineering.

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Pharmaceutical Translations

If your business is working in the pharmaceutical industry then you know that there are a lot of technical terms that are in use. The market is such that it means that you will be dealing with companies all over the world. This means that it can aid your business to have materials produced in the language of the companies that you are working with.


Nature of the Industry

When it comes to the manufacture and production of pharmaceuticals there are always going to be a lot of technical terms that are particular to the industry. These can be very difficult to translate for people that are not familiar with them. This means that when you are looking for pharmaceutical translation services then you need to make sure you are getting a specialist. Whilst some terms will be the same no matter what language they are in, others can have very different meanings if they are only a little bit different. You need to make sure that you get the right professional for the job.


Do Your Research

When it comes to finding the right pharmaceutical translator you must know you are getting someone of quality. Many examples can be found where simple mistranslations can cause major problems. It could be that the name you have picked for your product has an entirely different meaning in the target country. Just ask Lada when they released the Nova in the Spanish market where ‘nova’ means doesn’t work. Not the best name for your product.


Professional Services

You need to ensure that the professional translator that you are getting has the credentials to back up their work. This means doing some background checks on the company that you are getting. You will want to get recommendations from former customers of theirs and be able to know that you are getting a quality service. The nature of translation work means that generally, you are not able to judge the quality of the produced work. After all, if you could speak the target language you would do the translation yourself and be able to know what you are getting. This means it is very important to judge what you are going to get.


Know Your Audience

Depending on the nature of the materials you are producing you will need to get a pharmaceutical specialist. You might be translating some very technical language into marketing materials or presentation materials for non-technical people. This means that you need someone who is part translator and part technical copywriter. This means that the person you choose needs to be a specialist. This makes it even more important that you choose a company that has experience in the pharmaceutical industry. We have the expertise and experience necessary to make sure that you get the professional high-quality work that your company needs. We only use industry specialists that have years of experience. This means that you can know the quality of the work you are getting is top-notch.

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The Importance of Translation in the Tourism Industry

It’s often understood that those visiting a different country can come up against some language issues when speaking with the locals, but the tourism industry has become one where language matters.

Tourism is like any other industry in that it must rely on repeat custom to keep moving forward. The concept of a good holiday can be subjective in some instances, but it often comes down to ensuring that customers are getting all they expect in relation to a holiday, if not a little more.

A recent example of this has been seen in China, where the complex nature of Chinese translation has meant there have been some misfires in relation to signage for foreign visitors.

Of course, many will just take this for what it is, and even see the funny side in most instances. However, the fact that the signs were being misunderstood became a major concern, as the Chinese government was concerned that people may find that their experience is hindered when visiting China.

This has led China to enforce a better translation service being put in place that doesn’t seem out of context when read. The problem China faced in relation to translation was using verbatim translations as seen on Google Translate, so the right message wasn’t always being delivered.

How Should Translation Be Applied in the Tourism Industry
The reason why translation has become so prevalent in the tourism industry is that different countries will want to embrace visitors from afar and ensure that they’re able to enjoy their stay without it being hindered by language barriers.

Of course, the translation services needed can depend on the country and the nature of the business, but it remains clear that an effective translation solution can benefit both tourists and as well as businesses that operate within the tourism sector.

Working in the Right Way with Translation in the Tourism Industry
Given the importance of translation in the tourism industry, it stands to reason that the right approach must be used from the outset. As advised, there is no benefit in taking shortcuts when it comes to translations, as it can be a costly mistake to fix.

Regardless of whether you’re a holiday provider offering deals all over the world, or a popular destination in a tourist hotspot, being familiar with where the tourists are coming from in tandem with a professional translation service can ensure that you’re primed for success when operating in the tourism sector.

Working with a professional translation company ensures that those operating in the tourism industry can offer a first-class service where all details of the holiday are clearly translated, be it online content or travel brochures.

The requirement for professional translation has become evident in several different sectors, and the tourism industry is no different. It may seem easier to translate basic paragraphs using an online translator in the first instance, but this can often mean the wrong foundations are laid.

Using a professional translation service from the outset ensures that regardless of your position in the tourism industry you will be offering a service that’s second-to-none.

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Greek Translation for Investing in Greece

When it comes to languages Greek is one of the classics. As the civilization has been around since ancient times, then the Greek language is one of the most widely developed and historical languages around. However for many people Greek seems to be quite inaccessible. This is largely down to the fact that Greek doesn’t use a standard western alphabet for it’s letters. Instead of letters we see what, to a non-speaker, seems to be random symbols.



However as the recession of recent times as receded then Greece, which was one of the hardest hit countries, is primed for rapid growth and reinvestment and therefore there are lots of opportunities around. The country itself saw a large investment when the Olympics hit there in 2004 and therefore there is a lot of new infrastructure around the country. But in order to invest you do need to be able to read and translate Greek.


Translation Services

This is where having a high-quality Greek translation service can really assist. Whether it is translating documents from Greek into English, or English into Greek for publication in the country, then it is important to get it right. Financial documentation normally has to be done in the home language of where the deal is taking place, and if you are investing in Greece that means the documents will be in Greek. There is a reason there is an expression ‘It’s all Greek to me’ and that is because to a non-speaker then the language seems impenetrable.


Low use of English

Whilst it is true that in the modern world a large number of people will speak English. This isn’t always the case with Greece. As a largely island nation, then there are big pockets of native language speakers only, and it is these people that are going to make doing business difficult. Having a translation service, that is able to provide documents in Greek and take Greek documents back to English for you is going to be a real boost to your business.


Professional Service

It is important that when you select a financial translation service for Greek that you pick someone with a high level of skill and professionalism. A company with a proven track record for producing high quality work. This is because it is going to be hard for you as a customer to be able to accurately access the quality of the work done. As mentioned before because of the change of alphabet, even things like names won’t look the same once they have been translated so it makes it hard to know exactly what has been produced. You want a company that has a high trust rating and is going to produce the great quality of Greek translation that you need. This is important for financial documents as errors in translation might not only stop you making the money that you should be making, but might also cost you money in the long term as well.

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Can Translation Help Save The Environment?

It is not often that you think of going green being associated with ‘languages and translations’, however there are many ways in which the two can be linked. It may not be the most natural of links, but nature is what it is all about as we should all be doing our part to save the environment.


Bridging Barriers

One of the biggest problems when it comes to looking after our environment is getting everyone on the same page. This becomes doubly hard when you don’t have a language in common. The environment is a global problem and requires every country to do its part to help the planet. This may mean that you need to be able to communicate in another language to break down this barrier. This is where a language translation services become very important. This allows you to bridge the gap between you and other people.


Difficult Ideas

The other problem when it comes to the environment is that some of the ideas are quite technical to explain. You might not be able to adequately describe the problems with acid rain and greenhouse gases into a language such as Swahili. This is not only because the words aren’t in every language, but the concepts may be fairly alien. This is where you need a professional that understands the culture as well as the language so that you can be sure your ideas and thoughts are being communicated properly. Translations should normally be completed by the native speaker of the target language.


Ethically Sourced

The other part of our global society is that we can now source products from all over the world to serve our local market. This means that goods may be produced in conditions that are less than ideal. Therefore, when we are looking for suppliers and service providers, we want to be able to communicate our requirements in terms of ethically sourced goods and goods with a low carbon footprint. Ideas and concepts that don’t necessarily translate well. This means you need someone who specialises in the concepts to do your translation work for you.

Sourcing your goods from an ethical source might also alleviate poverty in that area. It has been shown that environmental choices are more easily made the further a person rises above poverty.


Think Global, Act Local

As a business you may be doing your part to help the environment, but what about the other companies that you do business with. Particularly if they are not in the same country as you. It can be tricky to get your green ethos and agenda across to them in a way that means you can continue working. This is another area where a language translation service can assist. Producing materials and presentations in the target language that you want to work with will make things a lot easier for you. It can also open up new markets that you might not have thought of. It may be that you struggle with companies for whom English is not their first language and therefore a professional translator can help.


When it comes to the environment there are many ways that a translator can help you with your green credentials and help you to save the planet. It is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Axis Translations offers specialist translation services for environmental studies.

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Joker – Translations within the film


You can’t go anywhere at the moment without seeing publicity or hearing comments about the film ‘Joker’. It is a great piece of work, but it does seem that it is not to everyone’s taste. That’s not a criticism of the product, but simply we do not all like the same things. I, for instance, do not enjoy horror films.

So where do translations come into the story? You might be thinking of foreign language dubbing and subtitles. That’s a possible topic, but in an extreme step towards an international audience the production team went further.

In the scenes where we see the Jokers notebook, the film showed the book in the language of the audio. If you saw the film in Italian, you saw his notebook in Italian, rather than the Italian translation being a subtitle.

This additional level of care shows that more effort was made for each target audience, but it also makes the film more difficult for pirate.

Translation of the Joker’s notebook also serves to highlight some important parts of translation that are often forgotten:

1) A translation should be true to the original – mistakes in the source text are often found during the  translation process, but these should not always be corrected in the translation. It is very much down to context.

You would correct in a brochure translation, but also inform the client so they can ensure the source document is also corrected. However, the writings of the Joker are to reveal his character and so errors might be important. This can also be a factor in legal translations.

2) Consider the audience / purpose of the document – Maybe the Joker used a colloquial phrase that does not translate well or a colloquial phrase exists which would do a better job?

3) Space, font size and reading speed – The filmmaker wants us to be able to read what’s on that page. Reducing the font to make a translation fit would therefore be an error. we also need to be able to read it within the time allowed. Better to have less text in such a case.


Finally, this film shows again how translation is a part of pretty much everything.



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Languages of Africa

Africa is a really big continent. It is divided up into many different countries that each have their own cultural identity. The size of the place means that there are a variety of languages spoken all over the place, and even within the same country. This can be a minefield to the unwary. So here we will take you through some of the most widely spoken languages in Africa.




Swahili is the most widely spoken of all the African languages. It is a Bantu language that is widely spoken across most of the great lake’s region of central, southern and eastern Africa. Swahili is the official language of countries like Kenya and Tanzania so if you are planning to do business with these countries then you will want to be able to communicate in Swahili. Though it will also help you in a large number of other African countries.




This is the official language of Ethiopia and it is the second most spoken semantic language after Arabic. There are some 22 million speakers of Amharic in the world so it is a very popular language. It is closely related to Arabic and this means that it can be trickier for an English speaker to learn. That being said it is easier to learn to speak it than it is to learn to write it as it doesn’t use the standard Roman lettering.




This is one of the most widely spoken languages in Western Africa. It is one of the official languages of Nigeria and is also widely spoken in Benin and Togo. It is still spoken by expats in countries like the US and UK and so it is useful to know. The language is tonal with three different tones, low, mid and high. This means it is a very rich language and there over 15 different dialects of it spoken in Nigeria alone.




This is one of the most widely spoken languages in the horn of Africa. It is particularly common in Ethiopia where it is spoken by 40% of the country. It has had a troubled past as writing it was banned between 1974 and 1991 thanks to dictators in the country. After 1991 it transitioned to using the Latin alphabet which helped it to flourish again.




As well as being a major language for the middle east this is also the official language for a huge number of African countries. In particular amongst the countries along the Northern coast of Africa such as Tunisia and Egypt. Though it is also widely spoken across many of the other countries of Africa. This semantic language can be hard to access for English speakers not least because there are many different variations of it across the different countries. The use of its own alphabet also makes it harder when it comes to reading and writing.


When it comes to African countries there are a wide variety of languages in use and it, therefore, is important to target your work to the correct language for your market. Axis Translations can assist you with African language translation and this includes both audio and video material.

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Audio Translations for Evidence

When it comes to the preparation of legal documents this can be a very tricky and painstaking process. Everything needs to be done to an exceptionally high standard. Any defect in the process can lead to miscarriages of justice happening. Whether this is an innocent person going to jail, or a guilty person walking free. Then it is important to make sure that any work that is going to be used as evidence is exact.


Two-Stage Process

When it comes to audio recordings in a foreign language then this can be twice as tricky. It can be hard enough transcribing audio recordings in our own language, let alone when it is done from a foreign language. The exacting nature of evidence in order do justice means that you need a very professional legal translation service and they may do the translation work in two stages. They would first do an exact transcription in the original language of the recording, normally by a native speaker of the language spoken. Once they have this in text format, they would then translate the written word into the target language. Working in this way means that the work can be more precise.


Officially Recognised

When it comes to translation work for court proceedings then it needs to be presented by someone whose credentials are above reproach. The court will want to know all about the legal translator, and this will include the qualifications and professional legal translation experience of the translator. This means that you need someone with the correct professional experience. Legal translators can be called into court to explain themselves so they must be used to that situation.


Expert Witnesses

Legal translators are known as expert witnesses in court, and this means that they have to provide a certification of their work that sets out that they have made an exact translation without them interpreting or changing the work they present. This takes the form of a witness statement that certifies their work. If there is any question about the work, then the legal translator can be called into court and questioned. If there are problems then the translator can be charged with perverting the course of justice, so it is important that you get someone who is a legal translation professional with a great background


Justice Served

The importance of audio recordings cannot be understated when it comes to justice. It could be that the critical piece of evidence or a confession was recorded when the suspect thought that no one would be able to understand what they have said. Therefore, it is a very important aspect of the justice process. Convictions have been made as a result of an offhand comment made in another language by people who thought they were being clever. Additionally, if a defendant is relying on an audio recording to prove their innocence problems with the translation could result in justice being incorrectly applied.


You must choose a reputable company when it comes to translating audio evidence. Our company has specialists who can translate and be expert witnesses to assist your court proceedings. Consider Axis Translations for your language translation services.

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Contract Translation in London

When doing business, it is important to make sure that whatever you are doing is protected by a solid contract. Lawyers spend hours refining their contract drafting skills so that when they draw up a solid contract for you then it is going to protect you and your business now and in the future. A good contract will cover as many eventualities as possible and make sure that there are features in place to help with whatever situation arises.


Foreign Business


When it comes to doing business internationally then this is where things can become difficult. What if the company you are doing business with want to have their contract in French, or German, or any language other than English? Whether they are providing the contract in their language, or you are expected to convert your contract into theirs, then there is a lot of work to be done. This is where a top-quality contract translation service will come in very useful.




When it comes to a contract, the language used is very important, so you need to get it right. Using a basic translation service might get the words into the target language, but can you be 100% certain that they have the same meaning. It is therefore important to get someone professional to do your contract translation. You want the translated clauses to have the same legal impact in the target language as well as in English, and this is something that you will not be able to judge for yourself. You therefore need to find a good reliable professional contract translation service to make sure everything is good.


Peace of Mind


When you use a professionally experienced contract translator then this will give you piece of mind that the word will be completed to a high standard. You will know that when the push comes to the shove that the contract will stand up and protect your business. Because it is very hard for you to check the translated work, particularly if you don’t speak the language then you need to know that what you are getting is good quality, and that is where you want to research the company doing the translation and make sure that they have satisfied customers. Look for reviews where the client has had to go through litigation on the basis of a translated contract and won their case. This will let you know that the work done was of top quality.


Great Location


When it comes to looking for a top-quality contract translator, then London is the place to be. As a centre of business and one of the most multicultural capitals in the world, then you know that there is going to be a wealth of experience and knowledge available. There are many professionals that have worked with big multi-national companies and they all need contract translation services, which is why London is one of the best places for it. In fact, a lot of companies establish a presence in London, just so that they can have their contracts processed through there.

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Countries that Speak French

When it comes to languages, then French is actually one of the more widely spoken languages in the world. It might not be as widely spread as Spanish, and certainly not as much as English, but you would be surprised at where French might well pop up.




Obviously the big one is France itself. The language here is very well protected and there is an official French dictionary that only contains words that are approved as being French. Like any language, it evolves over time, and in particular picks up influences from other nations that it deals with on a regular basis, but the French like to keep their language pure  and there are a lot of words that are in common use but don’t make it into the official language.


The Official Language of Twenty Nine Countries


That is correct French is the official Language of 29 different countries throughout the world. The biggest speak of French is not actually France, which only ranks second on the list. The Democratic Republic of Congo is the biggest French speaking country in the world with a population of close to 84M then that is a third larger than France. So it is definitely a countries that you would want to know French in.


After France, then the next biggest French speaking population is of course in Canada. French is the first official language in a number of the different states of Canada, most notably Quebec, though there are several other provinces where French is the first language. It certainly is not unusual to see information provided in just French in some of these places, though English is generally widely spoken as well.


African Countries


French is a big language for a large number of African Countries as well. Obviously we have already mentioned the DRC which is the biggest speaker of French, but countries like Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal. All count French as their primary language. Many other countries in the same region as those also use French as their primary language, in total 21 out of the 29 countries that use French as their first language are based in Africa.


The Rest of the World


Outside of Africa, you have countries like Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg that all have French as a first language, though this is of little surprise given that they all border France. Monaco also has French as a primary language. Further afield, in North America you have Haiti where French is a primary language, and this is perhaps because of the Creole influence that features heavily there. Then you have the tiny island nation of Vanuatu that is the only non-French colony in Oceana that has French as a primary language.




There are actually 84 nations that share the official use or teaching of French and these make up the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie. Which means you are more likely to hear French spoken across the world than you would ordinarily think.

Working with French Speaking Countries by French Translation

If you want to communicate to the French speaking marketplace then a French translation service is an easy shortcut.



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