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Russian Interpreting Services

We provide Russian interpreters in many European cities. This includes Russian conference interpreters, interpreting at meetings and Russian court interpreters. We only provide qualified Russian interpreters to further guarantee the quality and professionalism of our interpreting service.

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Our Russian interpreter Services include the following:

Russian Court Interpreters

A linguists experienced as court interpreter offering assistance to either defence or prosecution. These services extend outside the court to preparation prior to the case.

Russian Conference Interpreters

A linguist experienced and qualified as a Russian interpreter for trade and other natures of conferences. The conference interpreter may be selected based on their experience with the subject matter of the conference or matters of a similar nature.

The conferences vary in nature, but may include trade, medical, scientific, environmental, religion, psychology, and others.

Professional Russian Interpreter

Axis Translations also provides Russian interpreters> for general meetings. This may be a medical visit, a business meeting or pretty much any other subject. In each case we will select a linguist that we find is the most suitable for your requirements.

Please note that we also offer Russian translation and Russian legal translation services.