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Use A Professional Translation Service To Translate Your CV - Make the right impression

Just viewing your CV for 10 seconds can be enough for a potential employer to decide whether or not to offer you an interview. Remember you only have one chance to make a first impression so you need to make it a good one! This is hard enough to do in your home country; imagine how hard it will be in a foreign country where you not only have to produce a great CV but you also need to do it in another language.

You and your CV are a lot like a business and a new product. Basically you could have an amazing product to sell that you know will do well within its market but if you don’t promote it correctly it will fail to make an impression; well the same sort of principle can be applied to you. You could tick all the boxes and be the ideal candidate for a job but if you don’t come across well in the translation of your CV then you have no chance of getting called for an interview.

Remember this is your personal marketing document we are taking about; it needs to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. So if you are applying for a job outside of a country with your native tongue, it is important that you seek professional help for the translation of your CV.

Even if you have a relatively good grasp of a language it still comes highly advisable that you hire a professional translation service to help you either write or translate a resume and cover letter. This can be a challenging task and is one that you can’t afford to make a mistake on. You may think that you have translated or written it perfectly but in situations like this there will generally be mistakes either within your writing or your grammar; a professional translation service on the other hand will leave you with a CV that not only reads fluently but follows unwritten rules within a particular country, but what exactly is meant by this?

Throughout the globe there are many national differences that crop up about how a resume should be written and presented, so if you want yours to be taken seriously you need to take on board these unwritten rules. For example in Germany, folding your resume to fit in an envelope is out of the question. Instead you need to use an A4 envelope as well as include supporting material. It is aspects such as this that makes hiring a professional translation service so adviseable. Not only will they make an accurate translation of your CV and cover letter but they can provide additional information in regards formats and conventions of the specific country you are trying to get a job in.

Your resume should be self-oriented and clearly demonstrate how your skills and personal traits will benefit a potential employer. It should reflect specific targeted content in order to sell you effectively to your prospective employer. So avoid inexcusable errors and have a great looking professional CV, written in the appropriate language with correct grammar by getting a professional translation service to translate it for you.