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Personal Translations. Non-Business Translations

Axis Translations offers professional translation services in all languages and subject areas. This includes translations for the individual.

Perhaps you need a translation to purchase a property abroad. Or maybe its the translation of a will of an overseas relative.

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Whatever the situation, we are sure that Axis Translations can assist. Our objective is to provide a one-stop solution to all your multilingual requirements.

Please find below some of the Personal Translation work that we complete:

Legal Translation

Our legal translation work is for the individual as well as business.

Property Translation

We provide translation of property documents for that overseas purchase. Can you risk not understand the documentation for one of the largest purchases you will ever make?

General Translation

Axis Translations provides translations for a wide range of other more general documents and cover all language combinations.


Axis Translations also provides interpreting services. This includes interpreting for meetings and other situations.