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Legal Translation

If you require international and uk legal translation services, Axis Translations has the expertise and know-how to translate legal documents accurately into all languages.

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Accuracy is an extremely important factor when it comes to legal document translation. Just think of a business contract. Even the smallest nuance can make an enormous difference in the interpretation of a clause and affect the progress of negotiations between the two parties. Even more so if you think that legal systems can vary greatly according to the country in which these documents are written.

Whether it being a will, a contract, a pleading or a court judgment, it is vital that the translated version is a perfect rendition of the original text.

All legal translators at Axis Translations are qualified linguists with significant experience in legal matters. We believe that only such experts can produce a quality legal translation and that’s why our translators are all suitably qualified.

Here are some of the legal documents that we translate:

  • Contract Translation
  • International & UK Legal Translation
  • Legal Files Translation
  • Translation of Legal Letters
  • Court Pleading Translation
  • Translation of Wills, Marriage & Birth Certificates
  • Translation of Court Notes
  • Court Judgments translated
  • Case Documentation Translation
  • Translation of Evidence
  • Certified Translations etc.

Court Interpreters

Below are listed some of the languages we assist with Legal translations:

Russian Legal Translation

Axis Translations also provides Court Interpreters and other interpreting services for various legal requirements.