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Translate Russian To English – Russian Translator

Axis Translations assists clients worldwide with Russian translation services. We can assist with all documents types and offer Russian translations for over 150 languages. This includes Russian to English and English to Russian.
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Russian Translator Quality

Our translators only translate into their native language and we can offer translations into Russian by qualified and experienced Russian linguists based in Russia (other countries depending on the requirement of the assignment are possible). Our team of Russian translators are all qualified in Russian translation and hold experience in a wide range of specialist subjects.

Russian Translation Clients

We have provided Russian translations to a diverse range of clients and have covered:

Personal documents -  letters, emails, wills, medical records, etc.

Corporate documents – Annual reports, Contracts, Brochures, Russian Legal Translations etc.

Technical texts – operating manuals, architects reports, surveys, installation manuals, health and safety documents, etc.

Governmental – reports, healthcare information, public information, etc.
Regardless of the client type or project size, all clients are provided with high quality Russian translation services.

Russian interpreter – Axis Translations also offer Russian interpreters on location. This service includes court interpreting, prison visits, business meetings, conferences and a wide range of other situations.

Russian Transcription – Axis Translations provides Russian transcription services. We have assisted filmmakers, legal situations, marketing managers and a many others with this service.

Quick Russian Facts

Russian is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It is in fact spoken by 180 million people as their first language and by 120 million people as their second language. It is a Slavic language and uses the Cyrillic alphabet. The standard form is based on the Moscow dialect, which is the closest variety but still not identical. Today the UN agency ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organization, uses Russian as one of its official languages.

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