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Moldovan Translation, Transcription and Interpreting

2.6 million people speak the Moldovan language with most of these people being located in Moldova, Ukraine and certain territories of Romania. Axis Translation can remove the Moldovan language barrier to help you reach the Moldovan speaking community or assist the Moldovan speaker to communicate with the world. We offer a range of language services for this language and can translate Moldovan in combination with over 200 languages.

Global Marketing

Global marketers will want to pay attention to having their websites produced in the Moldovan language with its Russian influences. Many studies have proved that web users will stay twice as long on a website if it is written in the language that the viewer speaks. Also many studies have proved that a user is more likely to buy from a site when the site is written in their native tongue. Therefore, to reach people in Moldova, the Ukraine and certain parts of Romania, it is important to work with a translation service that will help you reach these customers in the Moldovan language. All of our translators have experience working with the nuances of this language.

Legal Documents

We all know that we live in a global business community. That means that clients often need to read and write legal documents in the Moldovan language. Likewise, clients in Moldova need to write documents in English. Our experienced translators make that process very fast and easy. We do not rely on any automatic translator program preferring human translation so that the meaning of the content stays intact. We can easily translate contracts, banking statements and lease agreements between many languages. We can also provide interpreters that speak the language to facilitate meetings between parties.

The legal translation can be of personal documents. This includes birth certificates, tax documentation, marriage certificates, Wills, death certificates, insurance documents and more.

Technical Manuals

One problem with competing in a global economy is that technical manuals are often produced only in English, a language that only the most educated in Moldova reads. Therefore, when technical manuals are translated into the Moldovan language the business owner greatly increases their market. Many businesses rely on translating the manual after it is needed. Great ideas originating in Moldova can be quickly written into English to promote the product throughout Europe and the United States. Why not get ahead of the curve and translate the manual before it is needed?

After sales is also important. A translation will help ensure safe usage and correct maintenance. This can in turn decrease running costs and the increase the life of the machine. More importantly, it can avoid injuries in the workplace.

Press Releases

The economy of Moldova relies on agriculture. Many improvements are made in agriculture each year. To improve the quality of life in Moldova, these advances need to quickly be translated into the Moldovan language so that they can be disseminated. Rely on our Moldovan translation experts to get these translated correctly the first time.

Moldova Language Facts

A leading Daco-Romanian language with 2.6 million speakers. Russian words often included and it uses the Latin alphabet.

Linguist debate whether Moldovan is a separate language or a dialect of the Romanian language. It is considered the leading Daco-Romanian language and was developed by 17th century religious writers. The Moldovan language is based on the Latin alphabet and uses many words borrowed from Moldova’s time under Russian control. Moldovan is the official language of the Republic of Moldova.

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