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Brazilian Portuguese Translation Services

With the ranking of 5th largest country in the world and 6th fastest growing economy, you may inevitably find yourself needing to communicate via the Brazilian Portuguese language. Differences exist between Brazilian and European Portuguese that may not be recognised by other language service providers. For high quality, accurate Brazilian Portuguese translations, contact us at Axis Translations.

At Axis Translations, we possess the skills necessary to accurately translate your websites and documents to and from Brazilian Portuguese. Unlike our competitors, our Brazilian Portuguese translation service is not limited to predetermined language pairs. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our language proficiency, which covers over 200 global languages.

In addition to producing Brazilian Portuguese translations for both documents and websites, we also provide Brazilian Portuguese transcription services for audio and video material. This might be for required for film, training and a wide variety of circumstances. At Axis Translations, we’ve got you covered.

We can also offer a Brazilian interpreter on location for your meeting, conference, court requirement, prison visit or medical appointment. Our team of interpreters are experienced with assisting a wide range of meeting formats.

With Brazil hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics, now would be an excellent time to expand your business and develop relationships with this economically expanding market. With global attention on Brazil, it would be ideal to increase your level of communication with this progressing country. Brazil’s language is as complex and diverse as the people who call it home. Our knowledgeable Brazilian translators are more than capable of navigating the minutiae of linguistic variation. Allow our interpreters and translators to help you forge new relationships and opportunities in a pre-emptive way.

Facts about Brazilian Portuguese Language

  • Brazilian Portuguese is a mixture of Native American, African, European, Asian and Portuguese languages.
  • Brazilian spellings are often different from the spellings originating in European Portuguese-speaking countries.
  • The two most popular forms of Portuguese are European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Hundreds of words have been directly linked to West African tribes like the Yoruba.
  • The Brazilian Portuguese language came into existence during the Portuguese colonization that began in the 16th century.

About Brazil

  • Brazil is made up of many diverse cultures, to include: African, Asian, European and Native Indian.
  • The largest country on the continent of South America, Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world.
  • Brazil is home to nearly 192 million people.
  • The country was first set up as a colony in the 1500s by Portugal.
  • This country is the only Portuguese speaking country in the Americas.
  • The Summer Olympics of 2016 will be held in Brazil.

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