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Aramaic Translation Services

Aramaic is most commonly considered the language of Jesus and is therefore popular for a wide range of Christian contexts. One of the most popular is for tattoo’s. However, translations for Aramaic tattoo are very often incorrect. A well known example of this is the tattoo of Ricky Martin that has been typeset out of order.

A tattoo is often only a few words, but it highlights the fact that if a few words can be incorrectly translated then you should take additional care when translating longer documents.

Axis Translations can assist you with Aramaic translations.

About the Aramaic Language

Approximately 500,000 native speakers who are mainly found in Iran, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Turkey an Palestine. Aramaic is part of the Semitic language family and has a 3,000 year written history. It is speculated to be the language spoken by Jesus.

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