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Wolof Translation, Transcription and Interpreting

Globalization and ease of travel have changed the landscape of how people do business and live. These days it's not uncommon for a product or service to be marketed in almost every tucked away little corner of the globe. More and more people are doing business globally, and this means different cultures are being brought together. That's why there's never been more of a need for quality translation services, such as the kind Axis Translations offers.

Axis can provide translation services for a number of languages. Take Wolof, for example. This is the native language of the Wolof people and comes from Senegal, Gambia and Mauritania. In today's global business climate it is more than plausible that an organisation would have need to communicate with, or market to, those who only speak Wolof. In these instances a qualified translator is necessary.

But how does one know if they are getting the right translator for the job? With Axis Translations the quality is transparent. Axis only hires native speakers as their translators. Not only that, but every Wolof translator is qualified with significant experience as a Wolof translator and linguist. This ensures the highest possible standards are maintained for translators. And it's these translators that can provide a number of services, such as:

PERSONAL TRANSLATION -- This service covers the translations of such personal documents as birth certificates and qualifications. An example of this requirement is a Wolof person moving to another country to study.

WEBSITE TRANSLATION -- No online marketing strategy is complete without a website. But those who want to reach a global audience needs to have their site available in a number of languages. Axis Translations can help with translating a website from English (and other languages) into Wolof.

BROCHURE TRANSLATION -- Not all marketing is on the web, and print advertising, such as brochures and leaflets, need to reach a wide audience as well. Axis Translations specializes in taking brochures and translating them into Wolof.

TECHNICAL ENGINEERING MANUAL TRANSLATION -- When it comes to technical engineering manuals, it's vitally important nothing gets lost in translation. Misinterpretation by engineers of manuals can lead to enormous problems. That's why it's necessary to get the translations correct before the engineers get the manual.

MEDICAL TRANSLATION -- Medical developments have a global reach. And any medical breakthrough needs to reach as far as possible as quickly as possible. Axis Translations provide Wolof translation for medical documents so the info can be communicated as quickly as possible. An example being a Wolof speaker seeking treatment in another country.

BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL TRANSLATION -- Maximizing global business opportunities can't be accomplished without proper translation. Axis Translations specializes in providing perfect translations of various business documents.

LEGAL TRANSLATION -- When dealing with legal matters, it's important all parties understand the documents in front of them. Axis Translation makes sure that legal documents, such as contracts and proposals, are translated perfectly and easily understood by all parties.

WOLOF TRANSCRIPTION – We can assist with audio and video recordings in Wolof. This can include dual-language formats with time-codes. We provide these services to television and legal situations.

WOLOF INTERPRETER – We can provide a Wolf interpreter for a wide range of meeting formats. This includes courts and conferences.

So in the end there is only one clear choice when it comes to great translation services. Axis has been providing the world with quality translation and has the reputation to back up their claims of being the best. Our languages include Wolof and we hope to be able to discuss your requirements.

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