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Turkmen Translation Services

Turkmen, the language of Turkmenistan in central Asia, parts of neighbouring Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and smaller populations in Russia, Iran, and Afghanistan, is spoken by over 8 million people worldwide. This deep-rooted language reflects the rich history and culture of its people and geography; as Turkmenistan, one of the most stable countries to emerge from the Soviet Union, emerges on the world stage, the linguistic diversity of Central Asia and the Middle East emphasizes the need for language services in an ever-shrinking world.

As technology and travel make ours a global community, we need to communicate more effectively in a multitude of languages, including Turkmen and its neighbouring dialects. Whether you seek help to reach a new marketing audience, to have business, legal, or medical documents translated, or to assist with personal translation needs, Axis Translations is the linguistic answer, providing English to Turkmen and Turkmen to English translation, transcription, and interpretation services for large corporations, as well as private individuals.

Axis Translations provides translation services from English to Turkmen, Turkmen to English, and Turkmen to any number of over 200 languages. Services by highly qualified linguists with proven skills, experienced in a variety of fields, including business, technical, marketing, legal, medical, financial, and personal matters, set Axis Translations apart from other translation companies. Whether you need a single translation of a document, a long-running publication translation need, or a permanent partnership, Axis Translations’ Turkmen translation service can help expand your business or work with you to achieve your personalized goals. If you are wondering how we could help you, we also provide a free quote to assure customers of our competitive rates and reliable services.

In addition to textual translations, such as documents and webpage’s, Axis Translations can provide live interpreters for meetings and Turkmen transcriptions of video and audio material. Whatever your Turkmen translation needs, Axis Translations is your translation expert. 

More Turkmen Language Facts:

  • Turkmen is a part of the Turkic language family and is closely related to Turkish and Azerbaijani.
  • Turkmen only began to appear in written form during the early Twentieth Century, and before 1929 Turkmen was written with the Arabic alphabet.
  • Since Turkmenistan’s independence in 1991, Turkmen is officially written in the “New Alphabet”, based on the Latin alphabet, but the old Cyrillic alphabet, a remnant from Turkmenistan’s membership in the Soviet Union, is still in widespread use. 
  • Fifty percent of Turkmen speakers have a working knowledge of Russian as well.

For English to Turkmen, Turkmen to English translations, or any number of other configurations, Axis Translations is available to help you.

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