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The Netherlands Country Guide

The Netherlands is located along the North Sea, Germany, and Belgium. It is a relatively low lying country. Nearly half of the land lies below sea level. Because so much of this country lies below sea level, there has been a consistent battle against the sea for hundreds of years. In order for the people living here to protect themselves from the sea, they have built more than 1,491 miles or 2,400 kilometres of dikes. There are also three main rivers that run through this country. The location of the rivers basically divide the country into two different areas.

Approximately 16.6 million people populate this country. The ethnic groups that reside here are primarily Dutch. Other ethnic groups include Surinamese, Dutch Caribbean, Moroccans, and Turks. There are various religions within this country and they include Muslim, Roman Catholic, and Protestant. Although there are a variety of ethnic groups and religions within this country, there are two main languages that they speak, which are Dutch and Frisian. Both of these languages are official languages of the Netherlands. The Dutch language is spoken by more than 23 million people in the European Union alone.

Several natural resources are found within the Netherlands. These include sand, gravel, salt, petroleum, limestone, natural gas, and peat. The natural resources are used in various ways. Some are used for trade, while others are used for creating products.

The people that live within this country make their livings doing various types of work. Approximately two percent of the workforce works in agriculture. Included in this is raising livestock, poultry, dairy, and meat. Others grow and sell bulb flowers and cut flowers. Various fruits and vegetables, potatoes, sugar beets, barley and wheat are also grown within this country.

Another form of work that people make their living doing is industrial. Industry work makes up approximately twenty-four percent of the work that is completed in this country. The different types of industry work that is completed here includes aluminium and steel, electric equipment and machinery, natural gas, bulk chemicals, construction, and fishing.

There are many other people that work within various services. This makes up approximately seventy-four percent of the work that is completed. The various types of services include business services, financial services, trade, restaurants, hotels, care, transport, and others. Within the trade service, there are numerous products that are exported. Included in these are mineral fuels, tobacco, machinery, chemicals, and agricultural products.

Tourism is important to this country and the people within it. Many people come to see the amazing low lands along with the art and architecture within the cities. There are many tourists that also come to see the numerous beautiful flowers. The capital city of Amsterdam is the countries most visited city.

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