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Visit Croatia for the Perfect Vacation Getaway

If you can’t decide where to travel overseas because you would like to visit somewhere historic, go to the beach and visit the mountains, then plan a trip to the place that has it all, the beautiful European country of Croatia. You can cross this country and go from beautiful beaches, various islands, vast rivers, majestic mountains, cultural sites, wine vineyards and historic monuments all in one exquisite country. Croatia’s coastal region can be found along the Adriatic Sea and it’s mountain region reaches from the Alp slopes all the way into its Pannonian region nestled deep in the Pannonian Valley, Drava and Danube rivers. 

Croatia is a perfect summer vacation destination with its mild climate and 2,350 hours of sunshine a year reported in the large port city of Pula. With wine tasting, spas, mineral springs and water activities galore, the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean will insure you a wonderful summer getaway. Go windsurfing at Zlatni Rat and visit the sandy beaches of the islands of Cres, Losinj, Rab and Pag.

Get back to nature with the seven Croatian national parks. Enjoy the majestic mountains of the region of Gorski Kotar in the Risnjak mountains. Spend a day enjoying the animal and plant life of the Plitvice Lakes. View the deep gorges and formations of the Paklenica Canyon in Zadar. See the beautiful waterfalls and ride the rapids of the Krka river located in the Croatian karst.

This Roman country is full of history, cultural heritage and ancient roman architecture. Visit such Croatia cities as Istria, Porec, Rovinj and Pula to see beautiful landscape, old Roman architecture, historic churches, medieval buildings, renaissance palaces and include the birthplace or Marco Polo on the island of Korcula.

You can learn a new language while visiting Croatia, known as Croatian. The Croatian language is known as being the combination of three dialects; Chakavian, Shtokavian and Kaikavian. The Croatian written word is seen written in a Latin script known as gajica. This unique language is primarily used in the European Countries of Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia and closely surrounding countries. 

This beautiful country is also abundant with the healing powers of mineral springs, spas and thermal springs in the regions of Lipik, Umag, Hvar, Istria and many more regions across the country. There are numerous healthy food choices and excellent wine selections are throughout this grand country with wine cellars and vineyards to visit.

So plan a trip to Croatia as it has something for everyone; windsurf, explore the outdoors, enjoy the beaches, climb a mountain, sightsee, spend a day at the spa, drink a little wine and speak a little Croatian.

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